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In Memoriam, from Long Island N Y

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Jan 3, 2015
    1. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Dude. You drove that ! Studly you were. Is that a brew in your hand too ? Beer, babe, and boss car .. in the same photo .... heaven !

      If we could throw a hand grenade into my Ignore list of late, the Country gets better, and the welfare rolls shrink, such that I believe we could impact GDP for a month or two. Too many dumbasses out there, and I'm starting to get my Dirty Harry twitch again. Thought I fixed that, but apparently not. ;)

    2. kk8
      flounder my love...are you there?
    3. HillBilly
      be back later on ... cooking breakfast... see ya ..... : )
    4. Falena
      I tried but the vault was full!
    5. HillBilly
      Would you kindly clean out your ' mail vault ' so as to receive pm's ?? [IMG]
    6. changed
      Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?????? Any body out there?
    7. catalinacat
      Hey Flounder - how are you? Nice car ----
    8. HillBilly
      Night George... yep , vid was a bad one allright...
    9. HillBilly
      turning in ,,, see ya later... Dan
    10. RevAnarchist
      Hey where you been my friend? I have been conversing with Hillbilly and forgot to PM you. PM me if possible and let me know how its shakin' ?
    11. HillBilly
    12. changed
      I am hitting the sack. I didn't know you were up. G'night
    13. changed
      Hey You...............
    14. HillBilly
      Yeah , I'm going through the same thing with MDF , but I believe I've an Aussie nut on my hands.... sheeesh...

      Ok , I'm watching the 2nd Yankees-Red Soxx game , be up a while yet..

      see ya later on tonight or tomorrow.. Dan
    15. HillBilly
      What's shaking on PF tonight ?
    16. doctorhugo
      Guess you hadn't heard George. Smartie's is all boarded up! I just did pm her.
    17. doctorhugo
      Hey George..., how they hangin' olde man! How'd you like to be an 'honorary bartender' at the new venture here I'm thinkin' of settin' up called Doc's Pub? Pay is for sh*t and the hours are voluntary. Show the youngsters how you can waltz across them boards and make a Sloe Gin Fizz w/out even lookin'. Also gonna ask Smartie cuz I need some sex appeal to draw in the customers.
    18. HillBilly
      Night old buddy ,,,, glad ya can sleep a bit at night now... see ya tomorrow.... Dan
    19. HillBilly
      George , are y'all getting any of this rain ???

      Everybody works ,,, even the big dogs have to work... all I'm saying is that they didn't have to take the money and run out of the country with it... I mean , how many millions are enough ??? how many private luxury yachts ??? even a private island in the Med...

      even the Japanese mega-industrialists saw the need to reign in their exorbitant salaries and spread it around to their workers...

      When Unions ratify a contract ,,, their wages are a matter of public record and well published.... every time we got a raise , the price of everything went up as well... from cars to beans & bacon... what was it JFK said ? " A rising tide floats all ships. "

      Because of Union wages , the quality of life is better for everyone...

      and I've heard the argument that Unions have driven companies out of business... that tactic was used when my mill was shut down as well ,,, it's a common thing for business to use to avoid the ' Warn Act. ' it's a Union-busting lawyer thing that goes hand in hand with crooked politics... and it goes back 40 + years ,,, it started in the Southern Textile industry...
    20. RichT2705
      Woops, yeah..I boobed it up and meant to replay on your page hehe. Ive heard that the newer ones arent TOO bad if you have to drive em in the winter, but Im going to store it or cover it I think.
      I used to take my Mustang and get my snows put on each winter, and then take em off after the winter, and it just got to be a drag.

      Just got a new exhaust system on the Vette. Got a set of Magnaflow Catalytic Converters, and a pair of 80 Series Flowmaster mufflers for it. Sounds pretty mean. I may however get rid of the Magnaflow Cats, and go back to a quiter OEM style though, as I leave for work early in the AM...and I feel like I might be waking the neighbors hehe.
    21. HillBilly
      George ,,, with all respect to your views ,, you're wrong...

      just Google the salaries & perks of the top CEO's in America...

      and then look at what their employees make a year...

      looks to me like maybe you've got your drawers on backwards this morning...
    22. HillBilly
      Naw ,,, can't agree , sorry , wish I could , but I can't... NOPE...

      If Wall Street and Corporate America wanted to stay in the US and compete ,, they could have... but they choose the easy way out... they sold out for huge salaries and huge profits by taking advantage of what amounts to slave labor overseas..... they made their billions , and left the mess for someone else to straighten out... that to me is Economic Treason ,,, and I've said that for a long time now ,,, even on Buzz I said that in a loud and clear voice ,,, and I'm still saying it now....

      All politics aside ,,, the only way that the US Economy will ever recover is if we can bring our manufacturing sector back into the USA and put our own people back to work....

      I've said that over and over and over and over and over and over again .....

      How we ever get that done I don't know ,,,, but it's got to be done...

      and just loose the politics of the situiation ,,, at this point , it's useless to argue about.
    23. HillBilly
      Old buddy ,,, if the Repubs knew how to work business ,,, then with all respect , why are we in the mess we're in Economically ??? Naw ,,, can't agree with you on that ,,, wish I could... sorry....

      Yep , tired myself , old buddy ,,, but I'll be on for a while yet ,,, can't sleep these days ,,, got the ' twitchy legs ' .....

      Homeland Security isn't doing anything that the CIA or the FBI wasn't already doing....

      and if Clinton had sanctioned that sniper to take out Osama bin Laden ,,, I would have said well and good ,,, but he could have been impeached for it ,,,, just because a man is POTUS ,,, he just can't issue a death order on a whim and a thought that may be expedient at the time .....

      it's a heavy thing having that power ,,, life and death hangs in the balance ,,, I can't fault Clinton for that..... I know how hard my own struggle was when I could have killed Nathu Ram Puri ,,, the man that ruined my life ,,, but I didn't take the shot... with my finger on the trigger of a 30-06 scoped rifle ,,, I said ' NO ' ....I won't do this...

      I'm not a murderer ,,, and Clinton ain't either....
    24. shadyscott999
    25. HillBilly
      wow , we have our own thread going on... haw haw haw...

      wars have always had their hawks and their doves... politics notwithstanding... but the question was about the GOP keeping costs down... 4 wars and a new branch of gov't
      [ homeland security ] ain't keeping costs down...

      I agree with you about Obama's bad policies ,,, but that mainly pertains to his socialist leanings and appointments....

      My main disagreement is when the Dems are voted out ,,, people actually believe that the GOP has the ' magic answers ' that will fix all ills... and they don't.... the Party of NO we won't will turn in the the Party of Oh No we won. now what ??...
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