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    1. TheVestWithOneSleeve
      R u sleeping or shoveling? its almost my next class ill be logging off for an hour or 2 soon
    2. TheVestWithOneSleeve
    3. cassandrabandra
      LOL - this forum IS quicksand .. I'm outta here for now! cheers! Cass :)
    4. cassandrabandra
      Massachussetts? (spelling?) I bet he's rolling in his grave.

      why? Obama - whatever his faults, is not doing a bad job considering the circumsances. do people really think the others would do better?

      has the demographic of the electorat echnaged?

      LOL I should look in at that thread, but I won't cos I will never get anything done if I keep coming back here!
    5. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      i like the vest's humour..he's a good egg.
    6. cassandrabandra
      lol yes - it was water with dirty black specks in .... I thought she had thrown it out ...

      I hadn't realised it was that important to her! it didn't matter that it had melted - it was still snow to her!

      LOL ... they must have thought we were pretty stupid drug mules though! mind you - I once heard a guy got arrested for growing marijuana because HE REPORTED SOME KIDS who stole some from his crop in his backyard!

      deserved a prize for ... something!
    7. cassandrabandra
      Hey - when my daughter was 11 we visited Switzerland and she had her first experience handling real snow. she saved some, and brought it home with her, and filled out the "anything to declare" part of her immigration card with "snow"

      yep. well, the customs people had a good laugh as I tried to explain. it was only later when we were telling my brother that he said ... snow is slang for cocaine ...

      wonder what they thought she was declaring when they first saw the card!
    8. cassandrabandra
      Thanks for that rep! I missed it!

      nice weather here today. 33C and a nice sea breeze ..... bet you're jealous!

      I think walking on snow feels like you are walking on crunchy velvet .... and I love watching snowlflakes falling - I've only seen that a few times in my life - and I have to travel thousands of miles to see it!
    9. cassandrabandra
      I love that! We just don't getthose autumn colours in our trees, and the beautiful old bridges!

      I love places like that! One thiG i really notice is thatthe smell of the forests is different. Our southern forests have a unique smell, and I found when I was overseas that I missed the smell of eucalyptus trees.

      when I was in Spain there were some growing in the town we were staying in, and I would grab a leaf and take it home just to sniff it. wasn't homesick, just wanted a piece of my country with me.
    10. cassandrabandra
      purple platypus plagiarizing paragraphs! LOL! I love it!
    11. cassandrabandra
    12. cassandrabandra
      8.00 am here.

      I should find some pics of the forest down south. my place is in the forest. I used to be a wicked witch living in the middle of the forest. Now I'm just mean and nasty and inhabit political forums.:)
    13. cassandrabandra
    14. cassandrabandra
      LOL - thats a nice size town. Perth is about 1.5 million. down south, where I also have a place, the town population is 500, next town (66kms away) is about 10,000, and then the next (another 53 kms) is around 30,000. morning here.

      should find some pictures of here.
    15. cassandrabandra
      Don't know much about Maine itself - 'cept its small ... but its supposed to be very pretty. How big is Portland?
    16. cassandrabandra
      yeah well Ms trivia just learnt something new. I didn't even know there was a Portland in Maine. The only Portland I knew of in the US before you decided to ejjumicate me is the Oregon one!
    17. cassandrabandra
      LOL one of those pictures makes me think you lve at the North Pole. or a hop skip and a jump away from it!

      well ... maybe his mind's not as trivial as mine? or maybe its a bit much to expect a male to know that one .. although heroclitus did! (which makes me wonder ... is heroclitus a male? am I being sexist thinking that?)
    18. jackalope
      Hmmm, you can't really see all the snow, I guess.
    19. jackalope
    20. jackalope
    21. cassandrabandra
      yeah, well when you step outside and its like stepping into a sauna (thats what yesterday was like - it was really muggy), or like walking into an oven (thats what the two days before were like - it was 43 on Sunday) and you feel like the witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz (I'm me-elting, I'm me-elting ...) living in freezer fairyland sounds very attractive ... plus you've got SNOW! thats like having magic falling from the sky!
    22. cassandrabandra
      LOL. I think I am amazed that anyone could seriously have considered ..... well maybe not if I read what passes for being informed here ....

      weather? glad you asked. was 37C (around 100F) yesterday, but should be a bit cooler today. Sunday was our hottest January day in decades. You are stuck in a freezer, I am stuck in an oven. My friend keeps asking me to go to Thailand. at the moment that would be nice - in between.
    23. cassandrabandra
      think we could always nominate her for comedian of the year.

      unconscious comedian of the year. because she's probably not conscious of her merit as a comedian. and neither are her fan base.
    24. TheVestWithOneSleeve
    25. Falena
      Yes, I think we have met. Young skinny Santa, right! He made me laugh!
      Yeah, well I figure life is quick and then it's gone. I'm just trying to gain some knowledge and have some fun. You know, cool like dat.
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