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    1. FreedomSeeker
      I appreciate your feedback. The "Mr. nice guy approach" hasn't worked in 2000 years, and I want to end religion w/in a few years, so the gloves are off. They are so insane (I was a Christian myself) that it's very very easy to destroy their arguments. Muslims DEFEND pedophilia. My relative DEFENDS the earth being 6000 years old. The old ways have failed, it's time for a new approach. Us secularists are so incredibly correct, and they are so wrong, that we need not be shy about showing them the INCREDIBLE CONTRAST between beliefs. I wish someone had shown me tough-love when I was a Christian, and not been too politically correct in showing me that I was severely wrong. Jesus approved of SLAVERY, that's all I need to know. That NEEDS to not be tiptoed around, it needs to be forced in their faces every day! We are in the longest war in US history (with no end in sight), and Christians (Obama, etc.) are so pathetically gutless to take on Islam ideologically. It's pathetic. It's like being unwilling to say the Nazi ideology was wrong during WWII. Iran it willing to endure hard sanctions to get nukes to usher in the Mahdi....this war is about to go atomic. Now is not the time to "play nice". We are right, they are wrong, period. People like Fatihah are absolutely insane (I care about him, but he's leading us to WWIII.)
      Have a great day.
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