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Mar 26, 2023 at 11:09 PM
    1. Doug1943
      Hello -- I saw that you are a criminal defense attorney (hopefully, not in the sense of Breaking Bad!) Do you yourself HAVE, or do you know of anyone or any organization, that
      has expertise in whatever branch of the law would be involved in invoking the 'no private armies' laws that many states have? And ditto for expertise in the
      (federal) Smith Act? I would be grateful for any information you have.
      1. Le Chef
        Le Chef
        Not me personally. Depending on which side you are advocating for, you'd want a public interest organization like (if you are anti state rights) either the ACLU or, if you are more conservative in your aims, pro-state rights or pro gun rights, something like Pacific legal

        Jun 13, 2020
    2. Le Chef
    3. Le Chef
      Le Chef
      Your basic genius ....
    4. Shangrila
      your avatar is making me hungry. what is it?
      1. Le Chef
        Le Chef
        Hi ShangriLa. It's just straight neck yellow squash. The super big ones are really too big, but I couldn't get out to the garden to pick them when they were prime (the smaller ones). Very easy to grow.
        Jul 4, 2017
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