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Aug 13, 2012
    1. Inferno
      Hardly walk woo woo must have been good. I think you have to be stubborn here or you would lose your mind.

      I sure wish Americans would learn what socialism is before they started knocking it. That pisses me off.
    2. Inferno
      No one that posts here is stubborn. We are all very understanding and mailable. Flexible on our ideas. LOL
    3. Inferno
      A little Louisiana hot sauce.
    4. Inferno
      You're welcome. People don't realize that they carry that attitude.
    5. Inferno
      Well that was very kind of you. i have never been seen as a sweety or a hotty. I have been termed the queen (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) of the universe though. LOL
    6. Inferno
      I just looked at it. I made a post supporting one of your statements about the fear card.
    7. Inferno
      No line! I'm shocked. You are a sweety and not bad looking either. They just don't know you as I do.
    8. Inferno
      That is what I meant. These are pictures of women in 40's fashion. Sorry I was not more clear. I know she has a file like that somewhere. I will find it and can post them.
    9. Inferno
      Nice looking gentleman. I am happy now to be able to know what you look like. I am sure the women line up outside the door when you come out to play. Hugs
    10. Inferno
      Betty Franke is a Model. This computer is loaded with models pictures as Katie took so many photo shoots. Once in a while I have a look see for some new pictures. I never met this one. I think somewhere on here there are model looks by years. I see if I can find the 40's for you. I will be looking at you pic now. Hugs.
    11. presluc
      The wolf unmasked.
      Yeah that's me presluc, of course my hair used to be a lot darker, but I always wore some kind of

      If you must throw vegetables and fruit make them of the soft varity since my ego is very fragile lol,lol
    12. Inferno
      This lady has offered to straighten out the condo and get it in order. We do things like that for each other in the Commune. Alice will drive her places and things like that. We pay some of her bills as she could not afford to stay in her home with hubby gone and her retired. So the Community pays the difference so she can stay. She helps out all of us in ways that she can. It works well.
    13. Inferno
      I couldn't believe that she ironed the jeans. I just smiled and said oh you ironed them. She asked me you don't want these ironed. She rewashed them on her own. She is a sweety. She has a very nice condo that is spotless. I mean spotless. She has those footy things by the door to slip over your shoes.

      When Alice and I went there for dinner one night she wiped off my wheels as I went into the kitchen. I was like what the hell is she doing. LOL
    14. Inferno
      Yeah she takes the clothes washes them and then presses them hangs or folds them and puts them away. I have to tell her where they go. She does all that and never says a peep. She will do some light dusting on the high places and shelves while she waits on the washing and drying sometimes. She and I have a chat sometimes as well.
      She is 76 and I am not sure how good she is in bed. Yes she is single. Very nice.

      I don't like to clean. I have my mess going on here. The places is clean but stacked with papers, books, DVD's and CD's. Both Alice and I have tons of books. There is no more room in the library so we just stack them up now all over the place. My desk is covered with crap as is Alice's.

      I did have to tell the lady that I do not like my jeans Ironed with creases in them. She rewashed them and took the creases out. That was nice of her.
    15. Inferno
      Well at least you are getting it done. Now that I am stuck in the chair one of the ladies from my community comes over and does that for us. I always did the laundry and sent out the dry cleaning. Alice does the cooking and we both clean the house together. The lady comes and gathers washes irons folds hangs and puts the stuff away. It is really nice that she does. Once I can get around again that will stop.

      I was sitting outside and saw a minor fender bender. A guy turned right on red without seeing a car coming. She hit the drivers side of his car in front of the door.

      Alice is sitting out here as well doing some work. We are sipping cappuccinos.
    16. Inferno
      How are you doing today? I hope you are well. It's starting to get warmer here yesterday and today. I have been sitting outside on the balcony watching the people walk along the street. I like to do that. Alice ran out and brought back lunch from the Deli. I am nibbling a corn beef sandwich on rye with spicy mustard and some fries on the side.
    17. presluc
      Oh yes, beware the insults and accusations that come your way. These are the things that will destroy your gift hatred, anger, envy, greed sefishness.

      The gift you have deals with these everyday.
      When you stop using your gift and become part of any of these you move a notch down on the endangered list.
    18. Inferno
      That is exactly what we want. I only want to be treated fairly as others are and have the same rights. It does not offend me. Not in the least. I know what you are saying. It is the truth. That is always cool
      Hugs sweety. You never need to be on the defensive with me. You express your views and we have great discussion.
    19. lita456
      huh? endangered species? uh - I better hit the deck! (o: Thanks Presluc, like I said your a good friend!!!
    20. lita456
      Presluc, I would love to embrace it, if I exactly knew what it was! LOL! Your so kind...I guess I have to look for whatever it is I have - (o: Thank you for your kind words, you are a very good friend! ((hugs))
    21. Inferno
      I think when a straight person is friends with a gay or lesbian they have more sympathy for the cause. They have this because they do not look at us as unclean or lost or sinners or perverts. They see that we have the same family values as they have. Most heterosexuals think the divorce rate is horrible. So do I and if they know that i think so as well they see that I have the same values and am not an evil person. The individual is important to know.
    22. Inferno
      The gays and lesbians have always been seen as a group not as individuals. That is similar to the way Afro-Americans were seen during the civil rights era. There were no real individuals. I think Harvey Milk was the first to make the point that Homosexuals needed homosexual representation because heterosexuals could not identify with the problems of a homosexual.

      At one time Blacks could not marry whites. That changed after civil rights. Then it was passed into law.

      I suspect that if they can stop same sex marriage they could stop any types of marriages. Fat and skinny would be an example. They don't they only pick on gays and lesbians now.

      A transgendered person say a Male to female can marry legally because they define them as female now. They have a vagina so I guess that's the rule of thumb or fingers. LOL

      Putting on women's clothes makes someone a crossdresser or a transvestite. They are still the same gender and if they marry a woman then they are in a heterosexual relationship so they pass as well.

      Marrying a third cousin is okay. There is no law against that.

      Does a Muslim crossdreeser wear a BURKA? LOL

      There is no difference in a same sex marriage as any of the others that you brought up.

      Same sex is just an affront to so many people. A long time ago I had a friend tell me that when she came out to her parents her mother was okay. Her father went nuts and had 7 fits. Many years later she talked to her dad about his problem. He said he did not want a lesbian daughter because he had fantasy's about two women and it bothered him that his daughter was like that. Can you imagine that?
    23. Inferno
      Oh yeah! There are those that only want your support for them and give nothing back. As progressive as some the gays and lesbians can be there are those that just want it their way and don't give a rats ass about anyone else. It happens in every movement.

      I even saw it in the anti war movement. Once a guy got his deferment he didn't give anything back. He sat home and watched TV. The rest of us who were fighting for the many are always there. Those that care about self and well self only show up when it pertains to them.

      The gays and lesbians are like that as well in some of them. When they see the change they want then it is over for their protest days. They also impede the movement because they are so self centered. That sucks big time.
    24. Inferno
      I do agree. I have always made an effort to cross the line. I have kept my identity as lesbian but worked with many others. That is how it is supposed to be. When we as a nation import the plight of one minority we all become better. That personal freedom issue comes up and the more free we can all be the better. If the government starts taking one persons right how far can the rest be behind. Nothing then is safe.
    25. presluc
      UMM, You are still avoiding the gift you have.
      You should embrace it instead of denying it.
      I have to tell you Lita if I had such a gift like you have, nothing would bring me down.
      I would move in any cirlcle, and of truth I would not have to be alone ever again..
      Hugs to you and no matter where you are or who you are with keep your gift working, and this old world will be a slightly better place.

      As for me I will continue to kid around make people laugh now and then and shake things up on the flipside.
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