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    1. Falena
      Thanks I appreciate it.
    2. Falena
      Stupid? Never ever!
    3. Falena
      Doomed! lol That was from me. It escaped me.
    4. Falena
      Someone told me Flounder was posting "positions" here. I sat here through 700 database errors for that?

      (*)(*)(*)(*) it!

      Arch your back...tip your head back and smile. lmfao!
    5. flounder
      I feel it in my sacroiliac,,,sharp pain, they have a belt for that I might try, or get a shot. Yesterday I had to lay down on my right side for two hours, I felt a lot better after, getting pressure off that left side helps and seems to put things back where they are supposed to be...LOL
      I am sure if I work with my swing I should be able to work something out so it's not too painful, but to get big yardage you have to ''Move''. Both going all the way back and all the way through does it, I think going through is worse, because you can always lift your left heel [for you the right] to take pressure off your back swing, but there is nothing you can do about the follow through, a good golfer will always wind up in the reverse ''C'' position.
      Many modern day players are learning the straight follow through position, these young pros do not want to end their careers early like the old Pros. I may try and learn it...
      aaaggghhh,,,old dog, new tricks......
    6. flounder
      Hi Punz,,,geez I am really killing my drives, my son and I figure I am passing 260 now. One thing though....MY BACK!!!....ohhhhhh the pain!!!!
      I tell you people that do not understand that power comes from the hips and legs have no idea how to play this game, of course the back and wrists snap with power that gets there six inch's behind the ball,,but it's the driving and turning of the body that's the engine. Arm speed especially has nothing to do with anything, if you were to look at me I am swinging slow,,,but the six inch's just before I hit that ball,,LOOK OUT!!
      That all comes from leg drive and hips...This is why it's important not to stand straight up, the knees must be bent.
      I tried not bending my knees, it took off over 25 yards...

      I think in a short time I might have to change a bit though, my back is just not that young anymore...:smile:
    7. Rapunzel
      LOL...you did...paybacks are hell ya know???
    8. flounder
      Gotcha!!!!....LOL :smile:
    9. flounder
      Just remember to move it back in your stance a bit more, otherwise you will pull or or snap Hook. Took me a while to figure that out, if you dont put it back in your stance then your face will be already closed when you hit it...
      It delivers so much more power, you will know it by the first swing,,incredible...

      The difference for you is your target will be to the left of your main target..

      1 strengthen grip,,rotate grip left more...
      2 place ball back further in stance
      3 Drop back your left foot
      4 Aim at left target and

      S W I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. flounder
      I had a perfect fade, straight as an arrow and then trailed five yards when coming down. It's a very consistent shot for me. However now being older I lost some yards on it so I started to mess with a draw, I practiced with wiffle balls in my yard until I saw the correct spin I wanted to hit..a draw.
      When I went to the course I was shocked how much further I hit it,,WOW Now all these courses will play a lot easier,,you should learn it...
      Just close your stance,,[drop the right foot back a few inches] and find a target right of your main target, strengthen your grip [grip with both hands turned right more on the club] then let her rip,,,LOL.
      At first you are worried it wont draw and you will wind up in somebodies kitchen...LOL,,,dont worry,,she will turn...:smile:
      I am out driving my son,,,it's killing him...

      Old athletes never lose it,,,we just ache more.....
    11. flounder
      Changed my swing to a draw,,,hitting 250...huge!!!!!!!
    12. flounder
      I thought the same way, we had plenty of old guys. You will be surprised,,they were the most fun...
      You should join,,you can always stop,,but you wont, trust me...

      Oh,,,how do you like your Pan cakes......

    13. flounder
      The ladies here have them,,Leagues are basically the same thing on public courses. Just a lot of people having fun, they organize things. Hey,,,you could start one, it would be fun...Just get names of ladies interested...and get small dues for dinners...You would be surprised how many would participate,,really.
      Our League [club], grew into 200 men. You get great deals to play other courses, and great starting times...
      We use to all have breakfast together, and the diner would give us a deal..we packed the place...One thousand Pan cakes and four hundred coffees...LOL They loved us....:smile: We used to save a Lot too. They had our names on a club list, and we would get the same discount any day or night..I think I gained five pounds...LOL
    14. flounder
      Do you have a club?, I played in a club for years,,lots of fun...We use to make plenty of side bets...LOL Best money in the world is taking five bucks off a person you cant stand!!!...LOL grrrrrrrrrrr......
    15. flounder
      I was real Lucky, had my hole in one in a tournament,,,not the one I described though.

      Talk about nervous,,geez,,My hands shook the entire round, and by the third hole had a awesome headache from staring at putts,,,horrible...I actually said to myself,,geez this is not worth it!!! I aint getting paid for this torture.....BUT.....then you have your moments, like that par three I described, and the memory makes it all worth it...Somehow you reach down and do things you never figure you could ever do ...The qualifying 81 I shot was a lot easier, I never figured I would place, so I had nothing to lose. In fact I did not know I qualified until we walked back and saw the Big Board. I almost died,,my partner said..''HEY,,,THAT'S YOU UP THERE!!'',,I said...''IT IS??,,YOU SURE?'' He said,,,''Well unless there is another ''YOU'',,,I imagine it is...LOL''

      Last time my name was on a huge black board I had to write..''I will never pull Linda's Hair again'' [A hundred times....LOL]

      You should enter one, they can be a Lot of fun. Great food, so many people sharing the same love of a sport. Everybody gets drunk,,,hahahahahaahah I played in many small ones, and the dinner at the end is always the best. Everybody laughing and sharing stories. In those small Tourneys you dont get too nervous, unless you get Hot and figure you stand a chance...That does not happen very often,,it's just a lot of fun...

      Hell though, you have a great game, you could do very well.. It's tough when you play against the younger players though. So look for an older crowed...

      My dream now is to get back my game, and try it once again. I know my chances are slim,,,but it's a dream,,ya know? Maybe I could find a senior Tourney...that would be nice. No pressure, just a lot of people walking around trying to find their balls...LOL
    16. flounder
      Yes,,that's the Top,,it's a Mat finish so there is no glare. I like it, you will be able to see your club path very clear..Yes many of the Pros do use it,,it's Hot. I wonder if they are allowed to adjust it during a round,,,mmm. I saw Davis Love using it and a few others...
      Here is an entire page on it...

      One of my best rounds [most exciting and rewarding] was the Eisenhower Classic, it started with two thousand amateur golfers in NY , and I placed third. We had spotters on the course and you were not allowed to hold your own card. The last day they would stop and check your cards,,these sneaks were in the side line crowds and bushes...LOL

      I had hit a two wood to a 197 par three and I was just left of the green, there was a trap in front of me and then the pin,,very hard shot. There were a lot of sticks and stuff around my ball. Anyway,,as I was lining up my shot this spotter jumps out of the woods in back of me,,he said HI!!!
      I almost crapped,,,hahahahahah, shocked the hell out of me. :shock: I said..''Where the hell did you come from?'' hahahah,,He says,,''Dont worry we are all over...'' I landed the ball two feet from the cup,,he said ''Great shot,,really'' I was about to say...''Yeah, no thanks to you'''...LOL
      I shot a 42 on the front and sank a twelve footer for a 39 on the back...Great round for that kind of pressure...
      The finale was a week later...................dont ask...LOL Naaaa it was a Hell of a lot of fun, to have a gallery of people following you is thrilling,,really. However a par three becomes a different animal when there are people all around the green. Best moment was when my playing partner and myself birdied the same Par three,,the people ROARED!! He landed eight feet to the cup on the left, I landed eight feet to the cup to the right, we had opposite break putts... We sank them both. They were patting us on the back as we left the green, and walked us to the next hole clapping,,,WOW,,if they only knew how chitty we really were...LOL Hey, enjoy the moment, that's what I say...
      We were so pumped we rocketed our next drives...I was glad we did not let them down and duff it....LOL
      I finished with a 84,,very disappointing,,came in 12th out of a field of twenty finalists, my playing partner won it..shot a 71. That's why the crowed was all over us, they knew he was the favorite and the leader..
    17. flounder
      82,,,that's great. I'm afaid it will take me a while to get back to that game. I did not think my eleven yr lay off would set me back that far, but it has. I shot a 44 yesterday, not too bad but I can do a lot better. I played one par five fantastic yesterday, my drive was long and only faded about five yards to find the middle. I felt so comfortable with the one wood I hit it again off the fairway,,nine degree Loft, I put it right on the back of the green,,two putted for bird.
      What a shot that second was was...CRACK!!!! The kind that climbed in two stages,,ever have that? The new Taylor ''White'' driver is real nice,,ever see it???

      [IMG] Sweet~~

      [IMG] You can adjust it, many ways..
      It has the classic shape I like too...

      HAHAHAAH,,,Yeah,,I bet that does look like you....Hey, do you ever roll your wrists back a little for more of a slap?
    18. flounder
      Gee,,,,nice......................,,,err....shot Punz....
    19. Falena
      Did you post on your own page to confuse people into thinking they were on the wrong page...it almost worked.


      All I wanted to do was stop here and say.......(*)(*)(*)(*)

      as in you! LMFAO!
    20. Rapunzel
      that's the ticket..LOL
    21. Falena
      So what you are saying is the expression "'Ol Sparky" could have several different meanings to you. Ill leave it at that because I'm feeling a rush of demure over taking me at the moment. lol
    22. flounder
      Nope,,the sun was shining here by one thirty,,it was beautiful, how about you?
    23. flounder
      It weren't nuthin,,,,Just a panicked wife,,that's all. Should be golfing by this afternoon.....:laughing:
    24. flounder
      Lol..............................da Finga!!!!!!
    25. flounder
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