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Jun 8, 2018
    1. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Happy Easter! Be sure to eat a cadbury today..heehee!
    2. frodly
      That actually sounds like a really good time. As far as the Pujols jersey goes, I don't think people mind that much. Cubs fans hate the Sox much more than they hate the Cardinals. Also, Cubs fans aren't really that interested in baseball. After being in Wrigleyville, you saw all the bars, restaurants, and women down their. People go to the cubs game to party at the game, and then party afterwards in Wrigleyville, the Cubs are just a secondary consideration to a lot of supposed Cubs fans.

      Also, Chicago doesn't have a subway, subways are underground!! :no: You should be ashamed of yourself.

      PS. Walking around downtown late at night is a really good time. Navy Pier is cool to see, but you didn't miss much. Though you could have stood outside and tried to bask in the greatness, and hope some of it would rub off on you. :)
    3. frodly
      You stayed in a pretty awesome area. Right by Trump. If you went into wrigleyville to do stuff at night, that is where I would have recommended anyways. If my city gets a 7/10, which cities you have been to get a higher number?(don't say St Louis or you lose all credibility)
    4. frodly
      You never contacted me!! I could have given you suggestions that would have made it a 10/10!! Where did you stay?
    5. changed
      LOL....I love your avatar pic. I saw it and wanted to stop by and tell you, you made me smile. ;)
    6. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hahaha! Now how can I take you serious with your new avatar and spam on your profile page...LOL. You crack me up! Loves ya though!
    7. frodly
      See, so my time at NYU won't make me that much more incorrect about things in your estimation. It is not like I am doing an economics degree!!
    8. frodly
      The likelihood of me ever becoming correct about things was always very low, and you know that!!

      PS. I am doing ME studies, not economics, and to be honest I don't really know your foreign policy stance. I know you are conservative economically, but I don't know if you are more in line on foreign policy issues with libertarian views, neo-conservative views, or something in between.
    9. frodly
      Not sure if you care or not, but I just got accepted to NYU grad school and I officially accepted the offer to go there. So I will be attending NYU for Middle Eastern Studies in the fall.
    10. frodly
      Both the Chicago board of trade and the Fed bank are across the street from each other. If you have seen The Dark Night, it is at the intersection where Batman drives his motorcycle up the wall.

      That is right in the heart of downtown. I know some stuff downtown, but I know the North Side way better. When you know for sure where you are staying, send me a PM so everyone on PF won't know. I can then give you advice on where to go that is close to where you are staying.

      PS. I forgot you don't drink, but I can recommend some concert venues if you are interested. And I can definitely recommend good restaurants.
    11. frodly
      As you should be!! The CME is an expression of pure capitalistic perfection, while the fed is an expression of evil government intervention!! Clearly the CME is better!!

      April did you say? What days exactly? Tell me where you are staying, I can recommend some good restaurants and bars.
    12. frodly
      You are going to be in Chicago? It will instantly make you smarter the moment you step off the plane(out of the car), and you will see the error in your ways, and instantly become a liberal. There is just something in the air up here!!
    13. Doug_yvr
      There are crazy people here :razz:
    14. Jiyuu-Freedom
      How are you sir? Hope all is well in your world:)

    15. frodly
      I am doing really well. I actually had some preliminary meetings with the ME studies department at university of Chicago, and after talking to them, I am actually very optimistic about my chances of getting into U of C. I think I told you already, but that would be my first choice, and I would be thrilled to get into their program. According to the people I spoke to, the acceptance rate into the masters track program their is actually pretty high, and they looked over my transcripts and said as long as I don't do very poorly on the GRE, I will have a very good shot of getting into the program. Which would obviously be fantastic, as it would be interesting and challenging, but it would also be a fast track towards a really really good job.

      Speaking of the GRE, I take it next Monday, so here is hoping I do well and don't screw up my chances for grad school. So I am going to be spending the rest of this week studying for my GRE.
    16. frodly
      Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. We have had a couple of heated exchanges recently, but no hard feelings. I disagree with you strongly, but you ultimately do debate at a level significantly(and I do mean significantly) higher than your average conservative brethren. You are one of the only conservatives at the forum who actually knows anything about economics, and as some one doing their best to learn the subject, it is nice to debate with some one who actually knows what they are talking about(even if your normative conclusions are worlds apart from my own).

      PS. How is school? When are you applying for grad school?
    17. tresha
      If you're still awake, check yo PM!
    18. tresha
      Thank ye!
      We had tornadoes! Eke!!!
      And I see you already spotted the wandering Doug to harass him!
    19. tresha
      Currently trying to make sure we don't need to build a boat....lots and lots of rain!!

      Need a rain smiley.....know where I could find one?
    20. tresha
      You're not really here are you?
      Fell asleep didn't ya?
      How's MO?
    21. changed
      Yes Sir...I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE....LOL Thank you for whatever you did.
    22. changed
      Oh, I also can't see my visitor messages either, but when I wrote to myself, I could see them at that time. But once I posted back to my visitor, it disappeared again. Help:cry::cry::?
    23. changed
      Sir...I am having a problem. I can't get to my PM's AND...I see in the top right box they are there. When I try it says to contact a admin, but it won't let me. Could it be my computer???
    24. Avenger
    25. philxx
      Forgive any ignorance expressed and I know you are probably ,pulling your hair out.I went to 1 of my threads in Political opinions,and beliefs,

      Titled "Hung Congress in nOvember AU,UK,US GPC 2 Party Duopoly Fails

      It used to have posts on it Now it is completely empty,hope this means something to you ,in any event deletion is called for.

      Sorry to bother you in this obviously stressful situation ,have a cup of coffee and come back to it ,can help one from not seeing the forest for the trees!
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