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Aug 12, 2014
    1. tresha
      [this is the second part of the "part 1 below" meds kicking in...bear with me]

      Still no freakin' idea why I keep passing out, why my R leg doesn't respond to me telling it what to do, (like "bend leg" or "lay flat on the ground foot") but hopefully the MRIs will tell us something and I've still got to get scheduled for nerve conductivity tests on both my R arm and R leg.
      The blood clot has me scared to death, even more bed bound than usual---and it hurts like Hades to even try walking (fine, limping/dragging my R foot along) or sitting up with my leg lower than my waist area.
      Ah well.....we'll see how it goes.

      Will certainly try and be here with more frequency---gots to check out all the new bells and whistles at this joint!
      Peace to all,
    2. tresha
      Hi all!
      As to expedite things, I'm gonna post here and let folks know a bit of what's going on, so's I don't just up and go MIA again.
      Lots and lots of test still happening, spent 2 1/2 hours (!) in an MRI machine last week getting pert near ever thing from my brain to my full spine looked at all close like.
      No results yet. :(

      Have had to suspend PT for a week on account of a blood clot :rage: that showed up in the calf area of the leg that hasn't been working very well.
      It is NOT a "deep vein" clot, so that's the less serious kind, but I'm to keep and eye on it, have amber help me and have my doc send me back for another ultra-sound in the next week or so.

      (end of part one)
    3. SpotsCat
      OMG! You're back! I'd about given you up for dead or MIA! Sweet feathery Jesus, it's good to see you again! Let me read your posts about your condition, and we'll talk soon! Gawd, it's good to see you again! :)
    4. Joker
      I'd imagine so...why? Can't you leave me a PM?
    5. HillBilly
      it's gonna take some time , but it'll help , those PT folks can be rough . what I did was to keep on with the exercises even when they weren't there , so when they came back a few days later , it didn't hurt so bad , I had this long rubber-band stretchy rope that I'd use , have you got one of those ?

      well , it seems an older Mod that'd been hit with the Big "B" came in the backdoor with an old access code and whacked a few people with a virus , guess he had a grudge or the red-butt , same thing , lol ...

      seems to be ok , for now ... fingers crossed ...
    6. Falena
      Someone stuffed what? lmao
    7. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      I'm in a different state. Send me a PM and I will fill you in.
    8. frodly
      My white skin is like an impenetrable shield against any harm!!! :) Egyptians are unsafe because there government is willing to harm them!! They would not be willing to harm me on the other hand, though i would have to be ready to leave the country at a moments notice in case things ever do get bad!!
    9. frodly
      Yep, I will be in Cairo(Egypt) all summer doing research on those groups!! Then I will write my thesis on them next spring. Exciting times!!
    10. frodly
      I am going to be doing field research on these guys.

      I want to look at the role they played in the Egyptian revolution, and how their connection to the soccer "hooligan" groups led them to being politically aware and to political action!!
    11. frodly
      NYC is great!! I am very happy here, and I am really looking forward to the research I am going to do this summer. Are you medical problems piling up, or are they mostly the same as they were before?
    12. HillBilly
      yep , I had a block , sorrry , I ain't a pc guy , ya know ? we had a rouge Mod with a grudge a few weeks ago , and I blocked everything and everybody out to be safe , so , it's ok now , sorry about that.

      Glad to have ya as a friend & liked the elmo smiley , it was cool , wasn't it ?

      how are you feeling ?
    13. frodly
      I am doing well, last time our attempted discussion was cut off, because you were about to lose lucidity shortly!! I was just ensuring that wasn't the case at the moment!! How are things going for you?
    14. frodly
      Are you lucid? :giggle:
    15. HillBilly
      try it again , it'll go through this time .
    16. HillBilly
      hey , that's great Tresha , how ya doing ? Gosh , it's great to hear from ya again , I been a bit worried , ya know ? We all was concerned , gosh , I'm so glad your ok and back home ... It makes my day to hear from ya . [IMG]

      I'll check my settings right now , so you hang in there and keep in touch , we're all praying for ya ... every day , so you get better , OK ?

      It might be that you have your CP set to only accept messages from friends that you already have , so check things out on your end and I'll check them out on my end , and we'll prolly meet somewhere in the middle. :love:
    17. HillBilly
      well , I guess your back home , so , how's it going ?
    18. africanhope
      can it be!!!!!
    19. Falena
      Really not.
      Im here now. You not really here? lol
    20. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      I'm not in MO. I am good though. Sure PM me away.

    21. frodly
      Hello mam!! I am in graduate school now at NYU, so I live in Manhattan now!! I moved in August. So I will be in New York for at least the next 2 years(excluding this summer, which I will spend in Cairo).

      How are things for you? It is great to hear from you, it brings back fond memories of you, Mak, BL, and myself never taking this place seriously. Now I take it too seriously, and I feel like it is bad for my health.
    22. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      So, how is Texas exactly?
    23. HillBilly
      well , don't worry about it too much , PF is on the fritz again , so I just tried to send you a pm , and lost it in pf lala land , but at least we can vm each other , so listen , we've been concerned about you , been a long time , but we're praying and pulling for ya every since you've been gone , so it was really great to hear from you , and you've got a lot of friends here that are turning cartwheels to see you back , so you hang in there and get better , and anything I can do for ya , let me know , maybe even send ya a get well card or something , but it sure is great to hear from ya , and you hollar back every chance you get , ok ?
    24. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      Going to school.
    25. Sir Thaddeus
      Sir Thaddeus
      Are you back for good. You better say yes!
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