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Aug 10, 2015
Apr 22, 2010
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Northern California,
I can't say.

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Yosh Shmenge

New Member, from Northern California,

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Aug 10, 2015
    1. catalinacat
      Hi there sweetie - glad to see you post on my music thread - I hope you do it more>
    2. Yosh Shmenge
      Yosh Shmenge
      Use it well and may the Force be with you....LOL.
      As you may have guessed my least favorite internet inanity is LOL and as you might expect, lefties use it the most, in my view.
    3. Smartmouthwoman
      I'm stealing your signature line. Just thought you oughta know. LOL
    4. NightHawk02
      No, I am not.

      I am conservative in my politics.

      I enjoy reading your posts.

      I seem to share your political views and Brewskier's views.

    5. flounder
    6. RichT2705
      That NFL players post was so perfect Yosh. Exactly right....wish I had thought of it first LOL!!
    7. changed
      Well, there are a bunch of them here too. You should open a thread about tennis. There is a guy here named what else....Tennisdude. He is really nice.
    8. changed
      I had the roses as a avatar
    9. changed
      LOL....I was asking what forum did you come from before here. I think I know you.
      Are you from Buzzdash or Sodahead?
    10. Yosh Shmenge
      Yosh Shmenge
      Oh, my cat died recently. But he was fat sassy and lovable.
      Perhaps he is sprinting after cat treats in a cat heaven (if there is one).
    11. shpraralain
      Ok, what about your cats. It says "do ask"...lol.
    12. Rapunzel
      Oh God...I played racketball first...didn't start playing tennis till I was like 45??? something like that. I am not that good...but I usually have more speed than anyone I play with...Gosh it seems like the women I play with can't move at all and they are all younger than I by 10 years or more...really looking forward to the French open...yeah...tennis to watch!!! Hope they have some good matches. Funny but I have watched just about every tennis match on TV since the early 70's...Good Gawd...that has been 40 years!!! Oh how I loved to watch Breakfast at Wimbledon years ago...that was all that was on...Sat. and Sun. I would be glued to the TV on that weekend...my kids used to tease me about it. I love the game for sure.
    13. Rapunzel
      We don't have the tennis channel...to expensive...my daughter has it though and when I go babysit...I watch it...lol...

      oh, you are good then...4.5 is really a great player. I play doubles with some gals and play singles with hubby...he is about a 4.5...I love tennis and golf!!!!...prolly actually better at golf than tennis...but love them both.

      How old are you?
      I'm getting up there and the body doesn't work like it used to...I'm 58....and I used to think 60 was old...LOL
    14. Rapunzel
      lol...it was in your about me...I enjoy yours too!!!

      French open May 23...do you watch on TV?
      What kind of tennis do you play...singles, doubles???
      How good are you?...I am mediocre...lol...3.5-4.0
    15. Rapunzel
      What about your cat?...lol
      Tennis???...I'm a tennis player too!!!
    16. Rapunzel
      Sorry tried to rep you and it went through I guess???...won't let me finish.
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    Northern California,
    I can't say.
    Marital Status:
    Single (hint hint, ladies).
    Real Name:
    No thanks.
    I have two whatevers.
    Three wonderful children (one (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) ex wife).
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    us california
    I've been a few places and done a few things.

    I like to frighten liberals and argue


    When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped around Barack Hussein Obama.