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    1. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      I was actually more left leaning in my earlier years, but forums and interaction with leftists made me realize I am nothing like them at all. I don't know if it was the never truly happy until we reach some 1984 type of society, or the self righteous claims of intellectual superiority. Maybe a combination of both. But workers are always taught that the left is on your side when in all reality they are as against our better interests as the worst of those they claim to oppose. It is all a joke.
    2. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      I know. Leftists are scary as hell when you get down to brass tacks. The problem is republicans are just as left in most ways, including the most crucial...globalism. Those who truly value freedom are going to have do something fast. We are in a sinking ship.
    3. Dr. Righteous
      Dr. Righteous
      Thanks. I'm glad that at least someone can appreciate my arguments!!
    4. Serfin' USA
      Serfin' USA
      You're welcome... I've noticed we have a lot more in common than I originally thought. ;)
    5. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      I haven't read it. What's it about?
    6. Jebediah
      LOL. Thanks. Didn't realize anyone knew I was gone... let alone cared!
    7. webrockk
      I was a BIG motorhead coming up... always tweaking, tuning, smoothing, sanding, painting, wrecking, racing or showing off something with wheels on it. From tricked out VW bugs and VW camper buses, to a sweet little '69 Triumph TR-6 ((*)(*)(*)(*) Lucas, right? lol), to restoring a '68 300 D Benz, to a frame off '67 ragtop Chevelle 396 SS (sold that one a few years ago.. nice $$$, but miss it)....with all kinds of motorcycles, but mostly Harleys littered throughout.

      Now, I'm mostly an old work truck guy. Buy 'em used, beat 'em to death, and buy another. Simply lost interest in all the sweat, fumes, tediousness and expense of big resto projects.

      But I still tinker... right now, it's restoring art deco era small outboard motors....who knows what tomorrow will bring!

      I apologize for my long windedness :)
    8. webrockk
      Well...those days are gone...I got rid of them (Harleys) when my son was born 15 years ago...I wanted him to know his dad, lest some blue hair took me out. My daily ride back then was a 1991 FLHS...a "bagger" known as the "Sport Glide". I hopped up and customized all my bikes, but this one was an absolute work of art. I miss her terribly! lol ...and now that my kid knows hid daddy...and, as teenagers often do...hates me, of course ;)...I'm thinking about getting back into them. Marc, my son, races a 250 4 stroke Suzuki on a little regional circuit right now...It's in the blood, I suppose.
    9. Ronald0
      True. Paul's good at spreading the message across and making people realize what (*)(*)(*)(*)bags the rest of the politicians are. He's got no chance of winning but he's serving a valuable purpose nonetheless.
    10. Ronald0
    11. Ronald0
      I always figured you did be Paul supported. I first really started noticing Paul when I saw his Chinese foreign embassy in US ad. I never thought any politician in the US would have the guts to say that outright. However, of late I have become disillusioned even of Paul. Rocky Anderson, who the press ignores totally, is a lot more viable candidate. On an interview, told that he sounds a lot like Paul, he replied. "the good part of Paul". And I agree. with Paul, I had to overlook at a lot of his major flaws simply because there was no better candidate. Rocky Anderson though, is a much better candidate with a much more effective record than Paul to boot.
    12. Ronald0
      Depends on your definition of sanity. If you feel like banging your head against the wall when you read some of the posts here, then in my book you are sane.
    13. Ronald0
      Hi. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts. You are often the rare voice of sanity in this vast sea of insanity that is this forum. Its always a pleasure to meet the rare American who's not been brainwashed by the MSM.
    14. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Can I ask if you're a chick or a dude? With "mom" in your name figured you were female, but then got to thinking maybe it is just a name where that is part of it. Anyway, I like your posts. Keep it up.
    15. Robodoon
      Hi Zosiasmon, thanks. But what is Vig?
    16. webrockk
      Lol...believe me, I've gone slam off the rails a number of times....it took a few infractions, banning threats, formal appeals (the jailhouse lawyer in me got them all reversed)....and the realization that I'm sort of addicted to our little forum community...to learn how to be a bit more creative and 'sideways' with my more personal insults. ;)
    17. webrockk
      I have to spread them around before I can 'rep' you again...but your comments in the 'Greece suicide' thread deserve a 'thumbs up'....
      so here it is. :thumbsup:

    18. webrockk
      The problem you have with the left is mine as well...."situational morality and ethics"....I believe this stems for having no real compass (the Constitution) and basing most opinions and actions on the pure emotional immediacy of attaining a "currently" desired end...with no consideration to the insidious and cumulative long term effects of it...the "unintended consequences", if you will, of using..and expanding the authority of the state to enforce their intellectual and moral "superiority"

      This myopic, emotional "immediacy" , in my opinion, is why the left is endlessly trapped by their own double standards.

      rambling a bit, but I hope you get the gist...lol
    19. webrockk
      Well, I'm glad you're here, Zosiamom....I enjoy your lucid, well conveyed and generally reasonable take on things..(It's grounding for an "extremist" like me)... not to mention your eloquence. I sense we're not TOO far apart politically on the social libertarian aspect...but may have a relatively wide, but perhaps bridgable chasm between us pertaining to the function of governance on a federal level....
    20. webrockk
      I wish I could write....I love trying to use words to paint pictures and convey a philosophical message....but more on a "sound bite" level... ever dreaming up that universally resonating "quote".

      Patience or ability to stay focused long enough for any protracted, singular effort escapes me. What genre?
    21. webrockk
      And a fine, good morning to you! Beautiful out here on my river today....after my coffee, I'm thinking of taking the boat to one of the springs for a brisk...and I mean BRISK dip. lol

      Friendship request accepted, of course....mine on the way.
    22. kilgram
      ???? Eh? Sorry but I don't remember ever had any discussion with you about ideologies or anything.

      However, like it or not, everybody have more tendencies towards a side or other. And like it or not, but probably there will be a good label for any one. Because there is not anything that have been already invented.
    23. webrockk
      Lol... This place would have sent Mother Theresa into an occasional apoplectic rage!
    24. webrockk
      Pick on me, challenge me...I'm a terrible debater because I'm afflicted with every acronym known to man...ADD, ADHD, OCD, HHD (hot head disorder..lol) ;) and I lose interests or get so pissed off my brain scrambles, but I do enjoy the intellectual excercise.

      I enjoy your take on things...don't always agree...but I always appreciate your writing style and level temperament
    25. CoolWalker
      I appreciate that. Some people don't realize that not everything is on Google, especially when in their to be cool that want to play one-ups-man-ship.
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