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    1. webrockk
      My son is a "love child", as it were....never married her...I'm not even on his birth certificate...but I'm in the state child support system as his father, and he obviously is...looks just like a young me.

      I have an attorney who will help me petition for primary custody...thank you for your kind offer, though

      what could she be looking at, time wise, for pleading out on felony forgery?...6 months, a year?....and if she's convicted in a trial? more?
    2. webrockk
      Well well well. My son's mother...who was supposed to have left for PA a week ago...just called to inform me she's been in jail for 7 days. forgery and uttering...apparently (charged with) she stole a check out of one of her trashy alchy friends checkbook and wrote herself one for $100.00. of course she's claiming innocence...that her friend set her up...just like I predicted, rock (*)(*)(*)(*)ing bottom just slapped her hard across the face. (I'm beginning to wonder if that's the reason for the out-of-the-blue move to PA...running from this)

      I think I'm going to petition for full custody.
    3. webrockk
      you don't do DUI, do you?....I wonder if that's spiking too
    4. webrockk
      with a little related bankrupt state rent seeking?
    5. webrockk
      Indicator of a worsening economy?
    6. webrockk
      When novelists plagiarize me, my heart swells with pride! ;)
      how's it today, empress?
    7. webrockk
      I have this cool little techno gadget called "e-mail".....if you want to keep me up to speed..or chat..during one of my walkabouts, I could PM it to you.
    8. webrockk
      I do from time to time....usually no more than a few weeks.
    9. webrockk
      Nah...I'm done. ...bored with it too. actually, I think I'm sensing one of my little sabbaticals coming on..... the negativity in this joint wears on my psyche.
      thanks for your help, though.
    10. webrockk
      So...you like your cases hard and rough....with a Nikki Sixx bass riff thumping in your head as you mount your rythmically cadenced, spontaneous counter to the state's writhing contortions?

      do tell...
    11. webrockk
      Nothing scary about it at all....I've been doing it in my own big and little ways for decades...in the grand scheme of things, it's all we, as individuals, have...we can succumb to the myth of "society" and all it's trappings....
      or simply live...
      natural rights, liberty and economic freedom intact...
      let "them" make you a criminal...they're going to anyway...
      just learn how to navigate within this unfortunate reality... and the power they think they hold over you becomes solely their problem to "solve"

      That's TRUE liberty....not the crap they think they "issue" us
    12. webrockk
      Agreed....we'll take up this discussion again when the actual revolutionary shots are fired...and they will be...I just don't know when....
      to wit, providence willing, you and I will be fighting side by side against the same foe...centrally administered tyranny over individual rights, liberty and economic freedom.
    13. webrockk
      I don't give a sh*t about what's been done....I care about the implications of what's being done, and has been done right now....you want all this crap changed....as do I...but you're going to effectively vote for Obama....who is quite possibly the most rigid collectivist ideologue...and the worst lying piece of (*)(*)(*)(*) fraud that has ever lived in the White House. additionally... if you remember my anarchistic, off the grid lifestyle, I put America in my rear view mirror long ago....so my getting steamed and ranty about all this crap is just reflex and an intellectual exercise...it's not like it's really ever going to change with Romney, Paul...or any other (*)(*)(*)(*) bag that gets in there
    14. webrockk
      I just sorta answered that question in a reply to you in Trinnity's thread....
      personally, I think everyone is overreacting...including me yesterday. I'm going to reserve my judgement/anger/homicidal rage until this shakes out a little more over the next few months... this HUGE political event and ramifications will be defined better by time...it's only been a day.
    15. webrockk
      NO...not "help the republicans".....Uphold liberty and the constitution....If Obamacare requires a new debate on how it's funded, we the people still maintain a voice on what we will and will not pay for.....and I suspect a loud one. Basically...the "penalty" was ostensibly designed to effect everyone...it now being a "tax bill" will effect only the taxpaying demographic....which must be addressed...and represents a situation where we (taxpayers) have retained our voice...and ability to hold folks who go on record as raising taxes (against our will) accountable in the next election cycle.
    16. webrockk
      I'm not going to poke the bear, princess lol....what I am going to say is the Supreme Court may have done its job (this time)...which has been my overriding concern all along.
    17. Zosiasmom
    18. webrockk
      What I'm garnering is Obamacare is basically unfunded in its current state..it was not passed as a bill requiring new taxes to fund it...a tax bill, as it were...it was passed as a commerce clause compelled "penalty" bill....which has been struck down. So I'm not so sure it's doable without further congressional action to fund it...which may include an actual vote to raise taxes...which may not be a possibility in the current political climate, and with the current House majority. I cannot see how a new bill that requires funding can be passed, then the manner in which it's funding is acquired changed willy nilly....what would they do....simply erase "penalty" and put in "tax"....then say "oops" to the taxpayer demographic? .... if such were so, wouldn't the thieves be more inclined to avoid taxation language altogether?...a representative not having to worry about having a vote to raise taxes attached to them would be quite the coup...
    19. Zosiasmom
      The Republic Has Fallen
    20. webrockk
      Well, I was up all night reading reams of opinions on the Roberts' ruling....I've "evolved", and feel quite comfortable he FUBAR'd Obamacare, Obama, and Democrats. We'll see.
    21. webrockk
      I'm way behind on net lingo....SEO....(*)(*)(*)(*) Eating Own? Orangutan? Ocillator....
      link me to it when you're finished with it
    22. webrockk
      No evil coming from me....I can't argue with anything you've said...
      as much as would like to

      dot dot dot
    23. webrockk
      The board...you're having a splendid go at it, aren't you missy? lol "OnaRollRoo" (TM)
    24. webrockk
      Good to know....DC is federal ;)
    25. webrockk
      I'm so disappointed in Roberts...unless he's some kind of evil genius, and I can't dissect his angle...that I don't have a "deep, deep down" anymore...to the point where I'm almost ready to put on my militant leftist hat of old, and (*)(*)(*)(*) some DC establishment (*)(*)(*)(*) up....

      would you defend me, princess? ;)
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