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Jul 29, 2014
    1. webrockk
      I haven't...
    2. webrockk
      One of my all time favorites....J.L Hooker with Big head Todd and the Monsters doing "Boom Boom"

      The Suessical Homage...impressive! :)
    3. webrockk
      I'm most drawn in by gritty, hard driving 12 bar blues.
    4. webrockk
      I really liked Johnny Cash's "Hurt". Definitely Pearl Jam....My cousin in law and I played and sung (with full family (booze fueled) accompaniment on the chorus) their "Last Kiss" cover during our familiy reunion earlier this month...(along with G. Lightfoot's "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Beatles' "Let It Be", and a number of others...).

      you're right...it would be easier to list dislikes....I never got into any jazz / fusion / house / techno / rap stuff.

    5. webrockk
      Short list.....Stevie Ray Vaughn, old Neil Young, Hendrix, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Joplin, Zeppelin, CrosbyStillsNashYoung, Stones, Aerosmith, Thorogood, 3 Doors Down, Live, Creed, Arron Lewis, Bach, Chopan, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin (almost all female black gospel singers send shivers)....
    6. webrockk
      Just hung the first palmetto bug that's managed to get inside in effigy...to strike fear in its battalion.
      Swamp man fears no man or critter....but spiders and roaches creep me the (*)(*)(*)(*) out.
    7. webrockk
      I'd love to...like, anytime
    8. webrockk
      Book, missy ;)
    9. webrockk
      Bored?...in NY?....You'd freaking go bat (*)(*)(*)(*) insane in my swamp lol.
    10. webrockk
      Wouldn't that be fun!?....I'd miss you, though....as I don't fly (semi-long story), I'd get up there about the same time you arrived in Virginia.
      Jacksonville has a huge, brand new poker room and great tournaments....my buddy chopped one 4 ways for about 12K a few weeks ago...$150.00 entry fee/50K guarantee.
      There's a 50K and a 100K guarantee coming up end of Aug, and first weekend in Sept....Ill be there for both.
    11. webrockk
      Mees tired....long day, but got everything caught up and done... so I'm unencumbered for a week/10 days, kicked back and decompressing... and thinking about a few nagging little projects I need to do around here...or, I might just go fishing... or I just might head out for a poker road trip.

      Hows you, Roo?
    12. webrockk
      Sorry to hear that...I suffer as well....and used to induce sleep with copious amounts of alcohol.
      It's an overactive brain thing, I think....and poker throws my sleep cycles out of whack, too.

      unfortunately, I don't have any swamp man remedies that don't include drugs, Roo.
    13. webrockk
      Packing/packed...when's VA happen?
    14. AceFrehley
      I consider myself conservative/libertarian. Take drugs, for example. I think we should legalize pot and probably a lot of other drugs. But contrary to "pure" libertarians, I think legalizing drugs like heroin, cocaine and meth would be a disaster. I could even be talked into legalizing those, but accountability and responsibility are key.
    15. webrockk
      If you're partial to the Sinead O'Conner look, I got mad skills with clippers.
    16. webrockk
      Virginia is nice. Another Ponzi schemer?
      How long will you be there...jail house counsel / retainer trip?...of for the entire work up and resolution?
    17. webrockk
      New office, upper east side....
      or the woods of Maine
    18. webrockk
      I'm getting dirty eyes...(a term my niece used to say when she was sleepy)...so I'm closing up shop soon.

      I'd like to leave you with the results of a little experiment, Empress.... Since I've put up my sig, not one leftie has "disliked" any of my posts....when before the sig, I was getting them regularly...
      "proving," yet again, :) how easily it is to herd and condition them.....their indoctrinators and talking point issuers rely heavily on the affliction.

      nite nite, Roo
    19. webrockk
      I see....how long were they "housed" by the state?
    20. webrockk
      Someone whining about being caught...or legitimate?
    21. webrockk
      Well, the unethical bastards got me....lost my unlimited data plan....
      but my usage has been averaging well under the 10 gig a month plan I opted for, which costs $20.00 more a month...and it was only $35.00 for a $500.00 4G gizmo.

      works well, it's much faster...(and I insured this one)
    22. webrockk
      Going 'round and 'round with Verizon...I've had this "unlimited" wireless internet data plan/contract since it first came out, and they're doing their best to "fix" the problem I'm having with the "retired" 3G Hotspot by "upgrading" me to a 4G device....which would, of course, require a new contract...
      which would put me on a limited data plan. The last person I talked to said he'd go to bat for me, but it looks like it's going to cost me about $300.00 either way.

      How's my Empress today?
    23. Jebediah
      Yes I am considering leaving. I've got some changes going in regards to career and I can't spend as much time on here. Plus I think I've really gotten the most I can out of the site at this point. I do appreciate the kind comments you've left for me. I have enjoyed reading your posts. They are insightful. They get me thinking.
    24. submarinepainter
      I live near Portland and I work in Kittery
    25. webrockk
      Grrrr! this thing is intolerable! That's nice you were able to spend time with your family, Roo...(may I call you Roo? I like that), and thank you for thinking of them in your prayers.

      you mentioned Alaska as a possible "jump"...would they be game? (I'm waiting for the thingy to come back on before sending this....I lost the last one...might be it for me until I get this taken care of)
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    "We live in oppressive times. We have, as a nation, become our own thought police; but instead of calling the process by which we limit our expression of dissent and wonder censorship, we call it concern for commercial viability." Mamet, David -