God "Delusion", Trans "Delusion" and presumed aggression.

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Jolly Penguin, May 24, 2024.

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    It occurs to me that there is a bit of a parralel in human pychology between how atheists are reacted to and how those who don't accept and support tansgenderism are reacted to.

    As most atheists have experienced, no matter how gentle an atheist is, and no matter how good faith their intent may be, many relgious people see atheists as aggressive and meaning to offend, for merely saying that they do not believe God(s) exist, therefore see theists as delusional, and don't support laws or changes in society based on mere God beliefs.

    I think something similar is going on with how those who don't believe in transgenderism or think it is a mental disorder, or overblown with social contagion, etc. I've noticed that regardless of how gentle or good faith these people may be, motivated to protect women in sports, motivated to protect children who can't consent from genital mutilation, etc, many trans and trans supporters presume them to be and insist that they must be aggressive and meaning to offend.

    There seems little allowance that the other person may be speaking in good faith, or that they could simply be wrong, and not necessarily hateful and aggresive. We too often see people leaping to "you must hate God" or "you are just a transphobe bigot". It stops a huge amount of what could have been constructive conversation.
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    One part of the formula is that influential people in the CIA and FBI know that in order to control Americans and Canadians........

    we must be DIVIDED.... and BigMedia is one of the greatest tools to get us fighting with one another?!

    The Trans community is being used as the Sacrificial Pawns in that attempt to set in motion a Cultural Civil War.......

    against the people who tend to NOT support the goals of the most radical transsexual activists.

    I believe that chapter ten of the near death experience of Christian Andreason helps to explain this whole mess.....


    But.... it is important that honest members of the LGBTQ community admit when they are being manipulated into being sacrificial pawns in a Cultural Civil War of sorts.....
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