Illuminati Bespoke Tailor in Dubai ??!!!

Discussion in 'Illuminati' started by revealer666, Feb 15, 2017.

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    I have moved into Dubai 3 months back from Uk and was recently scouting around for a good tailor to get a suit made as I was about to go for a few job interviews.

    I looked up online for tailor made suits and made a list of tailors that i was thinking to visit before deciding where to get a suit made. At first i was getting very confused by the sheer number of tailors that came up on google. It was getting extremely hard to pick one. Finally after doing some more digging in, i understood that there were made-to-measure tailors and there were bespoke tailors and both were very different from each other. While there are MANY made-to-measure tailors in dubai, there were very few bespoke tailors. I came across one on the internet called Knights & Lords online. They had a good website and a nice background of being trained in Savile Row etc so i decided to pay them a visit, and this is where it gets interesting.

    I walked into their shop in JBR The Walk in Al Fattan Shopping center and was greeted by two polite gentlemen called Ashish & Pawan who i had read about on their website were brothers and trained in Savile Row. The first thing i noticed was certain quotes written on the top walls such as "A suit is Made but a Bespoke Suit is Born" and "Open your Eye of Bespoke to come and get some Unknown Pleasures" or something like that. It was written in a manner that could easily be missed almost as if they didn't really want anyone to see it. The onset seemed like these guys were very much into their work and their craft and stuff. We sat down for a discussion and they asked me what i was looking for. I said well i wanted to get a Suit. They spoke in some cryptic and mysterious manner asking questions like 'is it just a suit that you are looking for?' 'what is the real purpose of the suit?' 'what have you planned for your suit to achieve as a higher purpose in life?'

    Apparently it seemed like they were looking for some kind of answer and they were not satisfied with the answered i provided. So they very politely and gently mentioned to be that i was not ready yet and if its just a suit that i am looking for i was certainly in the wrong place. They gave me one of their published articles (they apparently are well documented and write for a lot of magazines and have been featured almost everywhere) from the table which was full of magazines in which they have been present and asked me to come back after i was ready. They said, 'you shall know when you are ready for a Bespoke Suit' and asked me to leave :eyepopping:

    At this point as you can imagine i was thoroughly confused :confusion:
    How can a tailor who makes suits turn down business? Why were they not ready or willing to make a suit for me? what about me was not ready to get a suit? It made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I was thinking about it so much to the point that it was actually getting to me head. I opened google and tried to do some more research about these guys and this is what I found.

    Their wikipedia page mentions that they have had some very high profile clients such as the lord mayor of london and the king of Uganda and all. They have even been featured in channel 4 uk etc etc. However, they interesting this was, their logo had a very weird thing written below it. It said "eye of bespoke". What was the eye of bespoke? I decided to go to the website and it had the same thing written below their logo on the home page.

    Now I know that everything to do with the EYE or the All SEEING EYE of horus of EYES in a triangle etc is all associated with illuminati or freemasonry and all of that. Many artists such as JAY Z, Lady GAGA and Katy Perry are known to be members of the Illuminati as you can read here]Illuminati in the Music Industry
    This was however the first time i was coming across a Bespoke Suit Tailor that too in Dubai who seemed to be connected to this Illimunati or Freemasonry stuff. There was a tab on their website specially for the Eye of Bespoke so i decided to click on it to dig in more and this is what i see. The page has only one image.

    Now at first it seems like a normal image but if you look closely enough this is what you notice, the shape of a triangle with the top instagram icon seeming like an eye.

    Now this if you notice is very similar to the illuminati New world order symbol which is on the one dollar currency note as well.

    Now many of you may feel that this may be just my imagination and Knights & Lords aren't really connected to the illuminati but what further reinforced my belief that they are connected to this secret society is when i clicked on their instagram icon on top of the tree it directed me to their instagram page
    and this is what i noticed. Go down a few posts and you will see an image of a bespoke suit with a triangle and an eye on it.

    Do also notice the comments that i have marked in which one person clearly asks them whether they freemasons or scottish rite followers and they conveniently evade the topic by saying they are bespoke tailors and that we all follow the same all seeing eye.

    If you read all of their articles published in various magazines like Esquire, The Rake and all they speak in depth about the bespoke craft they practice which is the Drape Cut method of suit making and they cut against the grain of the fabric to achieve the perfect fit but apart from this they also mention that they seek guidance and inspiration from the eye of bespoke for their craft. This is obviously not common about Bespoke Tailors and especially not Bespoke Tailors in Dubai for sure. Also the fact that they decided to turn me back when i was ready to make a suit seemed quite odd. As if they did not make suits for money but something else. The fact that they have VIP clients surely means they are good in their craft but how does one end up actually getting a suit from them!!?? :unsure:

    My questions to you all is the following:
    -Has anyone here made a suit from Knights & Lords?
    -What did they have to say or be to be able for them to accept making a suit for you?
    -Do you really believe that Knights & Lords are Bespoke Tailors linked in some way to Illuminati or Freemasonry?
    -Am I just being stupid and looking too much into a non-issue here?

    If anyone has any answers, please share.

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    I am curious if you are still active on the forum and still interested in this topic?

    I personally have never gotten a suit made from "Knights and Lords"... but....... now in 2021 nearly anything is possible..... They might even take orders over the internet and deliver through UPS or some other company.

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