Mark Thompson Has His Work Cut Out For Him Fixing CNN!

Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Sep 1, 2023.

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    CNN has a new leader Mark Thompson who has been hired to turn the cable news outlet around and it is a daunting task for prime time viewership at CNN doesn't even register half the numbers of competitors MSNBC and FOX; here is some suggestions from a longtime fan Of CNN. Viewers of news channels want hard news they want to be informed about things they don't want to watch news program that are largely commentary about current events; CNN these days especially its evening programs are chock full of commentary it is overdone on commentary. Another major problem with CNN is that politically they are MSNBC light; politically FOX news is far right and MSNBC is far left, CNN is supposed to be politically neutral they are supposed to offer journalism the way it is supposed to be done but their reality is they are left wing. In part it probably somewhat stems from the Donald Trump presidency where it was patently obvious they were anti-Trump but even today they are not fair and balanced when they have panels the Republican commentator(s) is(are) an establishment Republican even the former Trump staffers that appear on CNN are now establishment Republicans. Establishment Republicans want to move past Trump they want Trump to go away, Trump undermines their globalist economic model ideology and Trump is a populist where establishment Republicans prioritizes right wing ideology over populist policy initiatives. Trump is on track to be the Republican Presidential nominee for 2024 that means CNN panels should have MAGA Republicans on them if you want to have one establishment Republican fine but the establishment Republicans are out of power in the Republican Party and so CNN needs to treat that faction of the Republican Party accordingly.

    CNN needs to get back to its roots of providing hard news and hitting a variety of subject; legacy network news programs still do this and CNN needs to get back to this. Further, CNN needs to get away from largely having entire programs on one subject. For example, CNN had almost entire programs on Hurricane Idalia, the most coverage they should have had on this was twenty minutes in an hour program, I know Idalia wiped out some businesses and homes in Florida and that is terrible if I had a magic wand I would use it to unwarm the planet and stop these destructive hurricanes but the reality is that Hurricanes like Idalia (category two to three er's) are commonplace in America these days it doesn't deserve fully dominating a news program. Another thing CNN should be very careful about repeating entire news pieces over and over again viewers watch CNN for multiple hours straight it disincentivizes this type of viewership when CNN repeats pieces in their entirety it is okay to repeat the essences of pieces over and over but add some new news reward long period viewers. CNN don't just hit headline news subjects offer some depth good journalism calls for like CNN should have pieces on subject like Visa and Mastercard are upping their fees they charge merchants CNN Journalists should have microphones in members of Congress's face asking why isn't America like Europe where the government regulates the fee charge and it is much much lower than America's or at least why doesn't Congress enact into law the bill that will allow Merchants to use other credit card processing systems besides VISA and Mastercard. There is a ton of stories that CNN could be doing which deal with impacts on people's lives.

    CNN needs to stop with this programming format especially in their morning programs where they have the hosts standing and walking around the studio, it is annoying and distracting a lot. As a viewer I don't care if a CNN host has a great shape I don't need to see their great profile if I wanted to see such things I would watch reruns of Baywatch. And then you have some hosts who haven't lost the child in them and they walk briskly toward the other host like they are going to run into them but then barely avoid hitting them; boy I hope they never move Ed Lavandera to be a host of a morning program cause one of these hosts that likes to play chicken is going to make a miscalculation and hit Ed and then have to go the emergency room. News host sitting behind tables has worked for eighty years in America, why do we need to change this?
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    There is a place in America where they still show baywatch reruns? I haven't seen it on TV in forever. Anyway cable news isn't going to be neutral new reporting. That model is a financial loser.

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