The Best Place to be a Driver, etc. etc.

Discussion in 'Opinion POLLS' started by Moi621, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Check this out
    Other then a "country road", I have concluded Southern California is the best place to be a driver.
    The only problem is the first real rain of the year, when oil on the roads floats and cars skid.
    Otherwise, our traffic systems are built around the car. Not the horse and buggy adapted to a car.
    More so in Orange County our lanes are generously wide and well surfaced. Traffic lights are computerized better then average, or outfitted with "trips".
    Drivers generally, universally drive with a sailor's knowledge of "right of way" and don't cheat much.

    I have driven NYC, Philly and D.C. <the horror>.
    And I hate playing "dodge car", so I don't think I would manage will in India or Mexico, etc.

    My regret is the modern lack of appreciation of "size". And my Ford Expedition gains no more road respect,
    than my first generation Toyota Rav 4. In the old days, size mattered.

    Moi :oldman:
    Enforce Laws Against Multi Tasking Drivers ! :steamed:
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    As much as I hate Kansas, I have to say it is a driver paradise. Good blacktop or cement highways, flat and straight where you can see ahead for 2-3 miles. Plug in your ipod, crank up that v-8 and hit the roads. You can rip along at 110 or 120 for miles at a time.
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    VA is horrible for driving, in pretty much every respect. The cops are jackholes, there are drivers from every part of the country (and outside of the country) which creates a not-so-enjoyable diversity of driving skills, and the amount of cars on the road is pretty unbearable. That and the light timing doesn't make sense for a grand majority of the city streets.

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