The Free World Should Really Respond w/Help For Russia's Shocking Bombing Of Ukraine!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Jun 24, 2022.

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    Countries that significantly economically benefit from the world's free trade policies, countries that have a big export market that brings a lot of money into their economies have a large and pronounced obligation to help Ukraine by providing them with heavy weapons and ammunition so they can win this war of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Especially Europe but also the balance of the world needs to be done with the 20th Century and before practice of authoritarian government's re-drawing countries boundaries by the use of strong armies and military power. The truth of this war is that it is all about Vladimir Putin trying to reconstitute the old Soviet Union about Vladimir Putin from his perspective taking back land that Russia rightly deserves to control, Mr. Putin's own words make his reasoning here crystal clear. The Russian President's justification for this war has no, that is zero, moral and legal legitimacy; the Ukrainian people have fundamental and natural rights and one of the most basic is the right to not have one's sovereignty violated, peoples have a birthright of a country and it cannot be taken away from they by a foreign entity or a group of individuals forcibly taking it away from them! Russia needs to lose this war so the message can be sent to the Kremlin and authoritarian regimes existing now and in the future that the international community will not allow you to take another country's sovereign territory by force, the international community stands up strongly here for human rights and international order. These prosperous export countries can't just offer token support to Ukraine at this time where there well-being as a country is on the line; you cannot just take from the world-wide economy, you have obligations to give back and support it or good people throughout the world will take steps to curtail your benefiting form the world wide economy!

    The need for Ukraine is firepower, many knowledgeable people say that Russia dwarfs Ukraine firepower by like fifteen to one. I recently saw a media piece where an Ukrainian officer was being interviewed by a journalist and the Ukrainian commander said that if the Russian forces begin shelling or attack his position he only has enough artillery shells to last less than one hour in providing a defense for his position. The Free World needs to find a way to provide much much more artillery shells to Ukraine. I believe that the common size artillery shell today is the 155 mm shell, the M777 artillery gun which the Ukraine army has some of from the West use this size shell. This is the key point here although there is very complicated versions of this shell a version with guided missile technology etc., it is not necessary to provide such high quality shells to Ukraine, Ukraine can suffice with the simple basic version of this shell that has been around for fifty plus years. Powerful Governments that manufacture and use this shell should see to it that the design, blueprints, the manufacturing know how and the like to make the basic version of this shell be provided to Ukraine's allied countries especially their western and southern neighbors that would manufacture for Ukraine this shell and deliver it to Ukraine!

    The West needs to think outside the box to help Ukraine get the firepower it needs to compete against the Russian army. Do things like in December of last year a Canadian company from Vegreville, Alberta got a contract to refurbish fifty Leopard One tanks so the Canadian government could use them as targets on their firing range to train their armed forces. If the Canadian government has any of those Leopard 1 tanks left give them to Ukraine the Leopard 1 is a good tank it will help Ukraine in its fight against the Russian Army. Other countries especially the United States needs to scour its bases and storage facilities to see if there is old, taken out of service, heavy weapon systems that could either directly or indirectly, go through some refurbishment, be given to the Ukraine military to help them defend their country! Media reports regularly describe the Ukrainian front lines in the eastern part of Ukraine as "meat grinders" for the way Ukrainian soldiers are being killed and torn up from the relentless and ferocious bombardment from the Russian army, this reality and much of the Free World's abysmal efforts to come to the Ukrainian people's aid here should cause great guilty amongst the peoples of the Free World and especially their leaders!
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    After reading we need to help Ukraine win the war and Putin trying to reconstitute the USSR, I skim read the rest because it’s simply a re-run of current mass-media nonsense.

    NATO have been arming and training the Ukraine army for eight years and they couldn’t stop the Russian forces from surrounding Kyiv in the first two days. What is the point of supplying an already defeated army?

    As for Putin, he’s the one who introduced democratic elections, re-opened the Churches, clamped down on the social liberalism that is wreaking havoc in the west and is now busily removing the last of the Nazis from European streets. The rest of the former USSR countries have been independent for over 30 years.

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