Trump claims that China wants to join New Start Treaty

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    1. US President Donald Trump has said China would like to be part of a new three-way accord to limit nuclear arms – a suggestion greeted with scepticism by many observers who questioned whether Beijing would want to limit its ability to enhance its second-strike capacity.

    Trump, who had a lengthy telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, said they had discussed ways to include China in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start), which became effective in 2011.

    “We discussed the possibility of a three-way deal instead of a two-way deal. And China – I’ve already spoken to them. They very much would like to be a part of that deal,” Trump told reporters during an Oval Office meeting with Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini....

    The exact number of Chinese warheads is a closely guarded secret, but a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute last year estimated China has about 280 nuclear warheads, compared with a total of 6,450 deployed and non-deployed warheads for the US and 6,850 for Russia.

    2. Donald Trump may be right when he claimed that "China would like to be part of a new three-way accord to limit nuclear arms". His proposal is certainly "a very good idea” for China. He may be unconsciously giving China a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to level the playing field in nuclear deterrence. Why?

    First and foremost in any negotiation, China must press the US to reduce its nuclear warheads from 6,450 to 280 before any meaningful arms control treaty can be signed.

    Using an analogy, a hornet may reproach a timid elephant in an argument: "You wish to be as gigantic as an extinct Tyrannosaurus rex, but want me to be as tiny as an ant. This is what cowardice looks like. What a disgrace! What a shame!" :smile:
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    OK, wait a minute.

    Before any such negotiation, the US must reduce their arms level to that of China?

    The US must do that, and not Russia, which has more warheads than the US does?

    Sorry, laughable at the best. Silly is more like it however.

    How about instead China simply complies and starts to follow treaties that are already in place?

    You know, there is absolutely nothing stopping China from joining in on the INF Treaty. That is the treaty that removed a lot of the tension of the Cold War by eliminating entire classes of weapons from both the US and USSR. But instead of offering to join China actively creates even more weapons that would violate the INF if Russia or the US made them.

    Honestly, I doubt China would join any such treaty. They have long had a history of resisting joining any such agreements. And I can not see them changing that any time in the future.
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    The Red Chinese have never complied with any treaties for long, thye break them as soon as it benefits them. Why anybody keeps making them with such arrogant racists is beyond stupid, and into batshit loony territory.
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