Will the Universe Simulation End?

Discussion in 'Other/Miscellaneous' started by wgabrie, Mar 17, 2023.

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    One of the direst of my discussions with the former poster @AboveAlpha, from years ago, involved the Universe simulation and how I foresaw that the people outside the simulation of our universe had planned to shut it down.

    I could do nothing to prevent the outsiders from stopping the universe.

    And even though they had previously stated that they intended to keep running this Universe, they had already decided that they were going to shut down this universe. Nothing was going to stop it.

    The only solution to the problem of discontinued existence would be to be outside the simulation before they shut it down. All I know is that I was looking into the future, and then a point came when everything stopped, just stopped, and the universe ceased to exist.

    I have previously said that I have a body in the world outside of the simulation. That's no longer true. My outside body died, but it was his dying wish that I be allowed to continue my life inside of the simulation for the rest of my life.

    There is a way to save the universe by moving the entire universe into the outside universe. As those who study space know, the universe consists of strands and voids. And, my idea is to take the strands of our universe and string them through the voids in the outside universe such that we all come to exist in the real universe.

    There shouldn't be any immediate problems, but there might be some far-distant future consequences with all the new matter in the outside universe gravitationally attracting each other. And the best part? You'll never notice the transition from the simulation to the real universe.

    Too big a deal to be possible, right? How are we ever going to attempt such a thing, right? Well, on that day, many years ago, in 2014, we actually did have access to that much power to do so.

    So, why did I even bring it up if all that's settled? After all, when all is said and done, we won't know one way or another if anything happened, so it's no big deal, right? Well, hold on just a second. We live in a multiverse where every action splits reality into branches of possible actions, each taking place in its own different universe. I don't know if I find myself in a universe that gets to escape a discontinued existence or not.

    You wouldn't happen to be someone all the way up the ranks who could check that out for me, could you?

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