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Mar 11, 1977 (Age: 47)
Durban, South Africa
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New Member, 47, from Durban, South Africa

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. tresha
      Oh well that's fine then!
      Shouting at random people is perfectly well and good!

      Carry on then. *tresh sneaks off*
    2. tresha
      I hate my med box! Hate it! Took the wrong ones and now I'm wiiiiiiiiiiide awake!

      How ya doin'?
    3. janpor
      Hey Martin - I hope you are not still angry with me?

      Anyhow, last weekend I watched a very disturbing documentry about South Africa made by a Dutch filmmaker - it's about the poor White population and they are growing fast (+150% in poverty the last years !!!), but that nobody sees them. I hope you watch the documentry through the link I will provide downunder. It was very disturbing. The documentry is in Afrikaans with Dutch subtitles. You can (hopefully) watch it here, but be fast since the documentary will only be online till sunday.

      Let me know what you thought of it!


    4. janpor
      I hope I'm not being curious... but I wonder from which ancestry you are?
      My parents lived in South Africa during Apartheid in the 80's together with my oldest sister and my brother was born there (Johannesburg). I always took a great intrest in Afrikaans and in South Africa in general. Our house is packed with African art and for as long I can remember we have a South African flag hanging in our garage... :) And we still have family living there in the Western Cape.
      For me it's hard to understand when people speak Afrikaans because of the double "nee nee" - it confuses me terribly. Reading goes very well. I can't speak it though, I just speak dialect (the Antwerpish one) in the hope they understand me :)
    5. janpor
      Hey, I wonder if you speak Afrikaans?!
    6. RevAnarchist
      Hi dood check your PMs again!
    7. RevAnarchist
      Check your PMs my friend.
    8. tresha
      Your world doesn't revolve around ME?

      :tears: sniff....sniff....sniff.....
      Is all good Brother know I love you more'n my luggage!
    9. tresha
      Knock, knock?
      I'm waiting......(pain levels keeping me up....:( )
      Ya gonna write me back or are know....working (at your "real job") and actually debating and stuff?
    10. Awryly
      You have agreed to an oops.

      Yet the thread remains closed. Why?
    11. Awryly
      Please thread more accurately.
    12. REDRUM

      :above: africanhope,
      If I'm not mistaken, this thread title is clear intent to "flame bait", a violation of TOS agreement and PF forum rule policy. I've never heard of a Texas Taliban, have you?

      The Taliban (Pashto: طالبان ṭālibān, meaning "students"), also Taleban, is a Sunni Islamist political movement that governed Afghanistan from 1996 until it was overthrown in late 2001. It has regrouped since 2004 and revived as a strong insurgency movement governing local Pashtun areas and fighting a guerrilla war against the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The movement is primarily made up of members belonging to ethnic Pashtun tribes, along with volunteers from nearby Islamic countries such as Uzbeks, Tajiks, Chechens, Arabs, Punjabis and others. It operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, mostly around the Durand Line regions. U.S. officials say their headquarters is in or near Quetta, Pakistan, and that Pakistan and Iran provide support, although both nations deny this.
    13. Combat 18
      Combat 18
      Hello africanhope, My father was South African, my Mother was Polish but I was born in Britain because my father came here in the mid 70's and thats where he met my mother. We moved to S.A. with my father when I was 3 in 1980 and spent 12 years living in Jo'burg until 1992 when we moved back to Britain. I would love your input on my thread about the ongoing genocide in S.A. I still have childhood friends in S.A. and I am worried about them, some came here to Britain but only had visa's for a couple of years and had to go back..
    14. camp_steveo
    15. cassandrabandra
    16. HillBilly
      AH, you've been a busy beaver... haw haw haw ... hang in there , AH , get better and remember , chicken noodle soup works wonders... but so does anti-biotics...

      Chicken noodle soup just tastes a lot better , and don't forget the peanut butter sandwhich...

    17. submarinepainter
      Hope you are feeling better
    18. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I hope you got my p.m. I know you need time to think. It's all good. I appreciate some feedback. Thank you AH:)

      Little miss
    19. keymanjim
      I see that you deleted my posts but left mertex's intact.
      Can you say 'double standards'?
    20. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you for what you did. I am turning in. I banned about 30 spammers today. They are sneaking in like Have a great day.

    21. Crom
      I want to protest your deletion of my post, my insult was a response to Red's insult and you could very easily have left the remainder of my post intact.
    22. tresha

      You no love me....

      You no even say hi to me

      Clearly the honeymoon is over......

    23. The Great Khan
    24. JonathanBlu
      Congrats on your promotion, may you moderate with very little bias and very much enthusiasm.
    25. Tedminator
      ok. but just to let ya know.. that post is a verbatim copy of his earlier responses to me. :D
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