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May 5, 2022
Aug 13, 2008
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Ostap Bender

Well-Known Member, from Alabama

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May 5, 2022
    1. daisydotell
      Ostap where have you been?
    2. flounder
      Hey Ostap, nice to see you. Merry Christmas my friend. Yeah I'm sixty six now but still breathing, at least I was this morning...LOL

      Hey, we killed them in the elections,,,very good aye?
    3. Smartmouthwoman
      Always good to see you when you have time to play. :)

      No news from old friends. Afraid most have given up politics. I think a lot of people have given up since Obama's been in office. :(
    4. Smartmouthwoman
      You appear & disappear like a puff of smoke, my friend. But it's always nice to welcome you back. :hug:
    5. Smartmouthwoman
      Good morning, stranger! Nice to see you around again. Flounder is now an ADMIN on this forum... as is Falena. Moving on up! The others you asked about aren't posting that I know of. Hope you'll stick around.. I've missed you! ♥
    6. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I have taken up a war on Sodomites and Homophobes and could use your support.
    7. SAUER
      Hey Bro! Merry Christmas!

      I wish you good health, happiness, success and many happy returns! And give my regards to your family.
    8. Trinnity
      PLEASE clear you inbox. Can't even send you a message to say hello back.
    9. Smartmouthwoman
      I took a six month break from here as well, my friend. But I'm back now and look forward to seeing you now & then. Remember, all work and no play, make Ostap a dull boy! :hug:
    10. Smartmouthwoman
      Nice to see you, darling! Where you been? ;)
    11. SAUER
      Unfortunately gtg. Nice talking, mate. Keep in touch. Take care.
    12. SAUER
      Great idea bro! Booze and girls on me :)
    13. SAUER
      Thank you bro! Ditto.
    14. SAUER
      Anyway, I wish you success, mate and give my regards to your family
    15. SAUER
      Hi, mate! What a pleasant surprise wb :)
    16. Shangrila
      Thank you so much for the flowers. Missed you lots
    17. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hey Ostap,

      I missed you soooo much. I don't care what anyone says about you anywhere in this forum. You will always be my biggest Christian mentor. I love your love for the Lord and keep up the good work. You will be rewarded.

      I miss some of the Christian right who never posts here anymore. Some people just get tired of the trolls that eventually get banned anyways! Stick around, k?:wink:
    18. flounder
      Welll hello Ostap,,good to see you again my friend...
    19. SAUER
      I’m not sure of “fifty times” ;) but no doubt that kleptocratic regime is destroying Russia. And yes it was a terrible case and big tragedy, like the flooding in New Orlean .
    20. SAUER
      p.s. In my view the situation in the country can change dramatically within the next few years.
      Those fing kleptocrats (putin and his entourage) make a rod for one's own back.
      Crime, total corruption and stealing, rotten legal system, window dressing, irremovability of power ,
      impunity and irresponsibility of tops (If you have good relations “krysha” you can do everything and escape criminal liability) etc have pissed off a lot of people.

      p.p.s. what about these guys from occupy wall street? It’s a protest against your fing kleptocrats, corruption, economic inequality, etc isn’t it? But only few American ppl dare to open their mouth. American people is too coward? ;)
    21. SAUER
      it’s much more complicated than that.
      Thanks to the Yeltsin and Putin’s regime 10% of Russians got a good profit (business, profitable seats in govt bodies, corporations etc). They have no any reason to fight against putin.
      10% of Russians are degraded ppl (narcomaniacs, alcoholics etc). You can strike them off the list too ;)
      Many Russians are just apolitical or indifferent ppl.
      Some Russians support putin. They sincerely think that Putin’s a good man strong leader, patriot, macho, alpha-dog etc.
      And yes some Russians are just cowards;)
      IMHO these figures are applicable to any country.
    22. SAUER
      I don’t think so. In my view many Russian ppl have the same opinion.
    23. SAUER
      you are right as usual, mate. imho no doubt that kleptocratic regime is killing Russia. btw Ostap you are very competent in Russia's domestic affairs. :thumbsup:
    24. SAUER
      that's right :thumbsup:
    25. SAUER
      Well Ostap. Unfortunately Russia still depends on its oil and resources. I told that Russia consumes soviet industrial heritage. Those fing “effective managers” ran most part of our economic sectors into the ground. And yes in my view it’s a real problem.
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