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Sep 29, 2011
Apr 15, 2009
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Deep South
Fireman, hee hee ok, lady

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New Member, from Deep South

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Sep 29, 2011
    1. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas 2011 my BuzzDash friend . May God bless you and yours [IMG]
    2. HillBilly
      missing you , my friend ...
    3. HillBilly
      Great to see ya back on PF , it really is... Stay around for a few days , and hollar back at me if you have questions about the bells and whistles , ok ??
    4. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas [IMG]
    5. flounder
      HELLO BENNY,,,,,So great to see you. Listen ben, I have this place down pat, so do the rest of the crew, curler just came back too. Did you know her husband died? Very sad.
      Stop by my page any time, if I can help I will be glad too

      Here for you
    6. HillBilly
      Hey , my friend , it's great to see you on PF again..... I've missed you ? How are ya doing ?
    7. HillBilly
      hey BenBlessed , how's it going ? I'm having a hard time finding stuff to comment on , how do ya find the good stuff ? also , what do it mean by reputation points ? Hollar back , and by the way , BD is up and running just fine...: D
    8. benblesed5
      Just like a (*)(*)(*)(*) repub, ALWAYS blaming someone else!!! :bonk::cowtwo::razz::toilet:
    9. flounder
      Come on ben,,that guy was starten trouble..Thats an awful thing to say.......Soooooo,,I gave him the buzz ass,,,,,,hahahaha
    10. benblesed5
      DUH!!! Click Statistics tab and it give you the options BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAA!!! Hell I knew that from another site I was on senility kicked in....:wierdface: By the way check out my animals if you haven't in the album down there to the right.:-D
    11. benblesed5
      Hey buddy, SOOO you already caused trouble, might need to change your name to blow hard fish! :oP

      Oh up above, right below my name tells you where my last activity was and if you find a post that I have posted on it will give you the option of viewing my comments, doesn't work from here but it does from a post.....did that make any sense??? :oD
    12. flounder
      hey ben,,,,,,,,Aint this fun!!!,,I am having a blast. It is hard,,[bad wording],,It's difficult for sure,,but everyday learning knew stuff. How bout you??,,there is a thig a ma jig, that lets you know where your friends are posting,,I cant find that yet,,when I do,,we will have it made. Also,,there is a page that shows whats active all over.
      Even when buzz opens,,I will come back here.
    13. benblesed5
      Hey brian, no need for apology's no hard feelin's with me, sheesh I don't even remember havin' an altercation with ya!! :oD I was just pokin' fun at you in the comment I made here about you startin' the same ole BD love to poke fun and have fun.....this is my little pony who will be havin' a baby soon...can't wait....I have mostly Appaloosa's I have loved them since I was a toddler....I LOVE Clydesdales!!! Do you ride it? I always wonder what it would be like to sit bareback on one of the huge buggers!! Post some pics when you get the chance I will go see if I can put all of mine up......
    14. brianm_33
      Hey benblesed. I hope there are no hard feelings about our past altercation. I apologize if I got rude, or out of line. Nice horse...yours? I have a Clydesdale and a Thoroughbred.
    15. benblesed5
      Hey daisy, yep, this is different for sure, will mess with it some today and see how it works......hope you and everyone is doing well....;o)
    16. daisydotell
      Just be curious and punch all the bells and whistles. You can spend a few minutes practicing each time on.
      I am not crazy about this but hey. BD is down and what to do....???
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    Fireman, hee hee ok, lady
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