Oct 13, 2008
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    1. Seal
      I just saw your topic about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and thought you might be close to Knoxville.
    2. Seal
      Are you here in Knoxville or the surrounding area?
    3. TheHighForester
      I've heard about it, but never been there. It's about 15 miles north of Hohenwald. I have a fishing retreat about 25 southwest of the town, so that's about 40 miles from the sanctuary. My place is in the heart of the "High Forest." But most of the year I am at my "town house," a hundred-year-old dwelling five blocks from the university.
    4. TheHighForester
      I don't know any elephants--or I might just be dense.
    5. Xilaisalt
      hey! you're in the military!? :O
    6. Labouroflove
      Same with your's SC, you keep the ball rolling. Or is that the boat rocking, whatever I love it.

    7. REDRUM
      Thanks for the assistance on the Sarah Palin thread and setting the record straight. :thumbsup:
    8. Talon
      You're welcome, CS, and, of course, you are correct.
    9. HB Surfer
      HB Surfer
      I am going to steal your Joker Avatar.... let's see if we can't make it viral. It may be fun.
    10. tresha
    11. kronikcope
      hahaha, I didn't even notice the barrel resting on your foot. Good picture.
    12. kronikcope
      Nice pic with you and your crew, but whos the jerk in front whos got the barrel of his rifle sticking in the dirt!!!
    13. tresha
      All righty then!
      She is currently in country, but traveling around a bit amongst the states.
      We talk with some frequency on the phone and via emails...I'll see what I can do.
      I really like that thread and admire the way you kept at the topic at hand.
      Nice job!
    14. tresha
      Yo Steveo!
      I've been all over the board these last couple of days...are you the one asked me to ask my sister about Bible verses pertaining to women serving in the church?
      (My sister is a Missionary)
      Awesome profile picture up thar by the way! ^)
    15. MarthaScrewit
      We don't agree on much... but I do love your new avatar! -MS
    16. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Awesome answer to me Steveo. Thank you. btw, I love your cp pic:)
      Thank you.

    17. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you for your kind words. To sum up my feelings, I evaluated my key problem.

      I have just had a huge stressor with my sister being hospitalized for 2 weeks. I experienced so much depression and all the while I was posting here as an outlet. I had a level of anxiety that is seeming to pass and my mind is clearing up.

      I probably shouldn't have anounced my decision because I do like it here. I roamed over to my old forum and it just isn't as diverse as this one.

      So I made my mind up that I will stay here.

      Another thing I have noticed is that I have let down a few Christian's here by my softer approach toward's people with differing belief's. I stand on my own but cannot please other's. BFOJ, Overdrive and Ostap, I feel, think I take too soft a stand.

      I will never debate against them as I have much respect for them as I do for you. You make me laugh here and I enjoy that:)

      Thank you for your support. I have only been here for a short time and the people I respect are people like you that are civil and intelligent -both.
    18. Cal Dirty
      Cal Dirty
      Thank you for the insight. But under that logic, there is no left? What is the point of left verses right then?
    19. Cal Dirty
      Cal Dirty
      There is a thread called:More hooey from the world left, where LeonCoDem is trying to say communism is right wing conservatism.Please back me up!
    20. justonemorevoice
      im warning you, its hotter than hades now. ooops, my bad, so is tn. lol. where in tn are you?
    21. justonemorevoice
      you should defect and come back. lol
    22. justonemorevoice
      keep reading buddy. you missed my jab at tennesseeans. lmao!
    23. flounder
    24. manwhocomesaround
      Ahhhh,what a cute baby.
      A relative I assume?
      EDIT-I just read your sig,Is it just a random baby?
    25. GuerillaGorilla
      Steveo, let me say personally as a Canadian, I have a great deal of respect for your service in the forces. Where did you serve? Are you still enlisted?
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