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Jan 16, 2018
    1. MissJonelyn
      Conservatives believe I'm too Libertarian to align with them. Libertarians believe I'm too Conservative. I just prefer the latter and I don't take sides. I just make money.
    2. Zosiasmom
      can you give propagandamachine the call info?
    3. Liberalis
      Thanks! I had to stop by to talk about the elections haha
    4. PropagandaMachine
      I generally agree. I think what we're seeing now is that a state based world system of organization has many severe problems and the more we turn to deterrence we just put off solving these problems and actually make it worse by making the stake of failure higher. I'm interested in this for sure. The podcast is interesting I'd be honored to be a part of it, its really refreshing to hear intelligent people talking about the real issues without the mainstream political context that usually renders attempts at this kind of thing pointless.
    5. PropagandaMachine
      Just curious, even though the distinction between Romney and Obama is not a huge one, do you think less favorably of Romney? I'm only asking because I'm interested because he seems to attract a diverse range of views from the perspective of the American right/left binary. With good reason of course.
    6. Zosiasmom
      Sure it's easy and we can both sing.
    7. Zosiasmom
      How about something easy like "Collide"?
    8. Zosiasmom
    9. Zosiasmom
      Night, Max. Don't be a stranger.
    10. Zosiasmom
      He just wants to lecture back into what he feels is THE FOLD. Ya know, the Republican party.
    11. Zosiasmom
      Do you mind if I ask what you do that you're not doing enough of? Anything cool?
    12. Zosiasmom
      Why? Should you be watching television or exercising your brain? :) We'd miss you if you left.
    13. Zosiasmom
      What do you mean? Where do I find what thread? We could make a thread that's intelligent will just be populated with unintelligent things. BTW, thanks for last night. If you lived anywhere near NYC I would hook u up totally.
    14. Zosiasmom
      I don't think you "failed". I think people are actually getting there, I do. I mean...look at the extremes and you'll see the middle. Look at Alex Jones, an extreme paleoconservative and in the past few years he went from a couple hundred thousand listeners to literally millions. He is extreme, so you know there are people who are in the middle.
    15. Zosiasmom
      Zosiasmom that you with the pool and the dog? I watched your Ron Paul video.
    16. Zosiasmom
      Yes, that was my point but it is obscured and turned into some other debate entirely. I believe the ancients had it correct. When there is a student a teacher will appear.
    17. Zosiasmom
    18. Longshot
      Sorry for the absence. I had to take an unexpected trip. I'm back now!
    19. Zosiasmom
      Anarcho-primitivism is an anarchist critique of the origins and progress of civilization. According to anarcho-primitivism, the shift from hunter-gatherer to agricultural subsistence gave rise to social stratification, coercion, and alienation. Anarcho-primitivists advocate a return to non-"civilized" ways of life through deindustrialisation, abolition of the division of labour or specialization, and abandonment of large-scale organization technologies. There are other non-anarchist forms of primitivism, and not all primitivists point to the same phenomenon as the source of modern, civilized problems.
    20. Zosiasmom
      Do you consider yourself a primitivist, an anarchist, a tribalist, or a libertarian?
    21. Zosiasmom
      You need a client whose case will make it all the way in order to file. Yes, though. I would be happy to help if you have one.
    22. Zosiasmom
      I'm 400+ pages into my novel. I am 3/4 of the way through and decided to start editing early.
    23. Zosiasmom
      Hi again. I have a busted lip and am wasting my Saturday avoiding writing. How are you?
    24. ironhead
      Thanks for the add. I'm glad to see there are a number of libertarians already on this site!
    25. webrockk
      Me too. Kittens that only know where the food bowl and litter box are....but have no clue how they got there, or what cleans and refills them.
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