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    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      you should start a comedy club."I" am the one that is closed minded? .Oh the not the one who is cowardly running off with my tail between my legs refusing to even try and counter the facts I posted.all you do is say you think oswald did it with no evidence or facts to back it up.I at least prove my facts that oswald was innocent and there was a about trolling? you need to look in the mirror.Oh and such hypocrisy.your the one that started attacking when you got frustrated because you could not counter facts.You clearly dont know how to debate son.Looks like the truth hurts cause you lie all lone nut theorsts always do,prove you only see what you WANT to see evading my facts I oh and you lost your credibility listening to that one poster.he is a paid shill that MANY posters here besides myself have put on ignore for good reason.the government loves you for the fact you are so easy for them to brainwash with lies and propaganda.
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