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Mar 7, 2012
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Santa Monica California
Psycho-sociologist and Mentalist

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cupid dave

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Apr 9, 2017
    1. catalinacat
    2. Trinnity
      I find you to be interesting.
    3. Shangrila
      Please contact staff re your account

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    4. cupid dave
      cupid dave
      Well it occurs to me that the sign of Pisces, the early Christian secret sign between the persecuted followers seems implied in that the thumb on the left hand is pointing like head away from the thumb on the right hnd, each having thelong index finger as if the tails going in opposite directions.

      Few people rralize that the jewish priest in the day of Moses used a mnemonic system to remember the details of the Bible passages by marking their fingers with Hebrew letters and cues.

      I had thought that maybe there was some ancient source you might have encountered that prompted your avatar.

      This use of the hand for memorizing is why when set down in writing that bible shows the repetitive sets of those numbers seven and twelve that appear so inordinately often:

    5. fishmatter
      Actually, rereading your message I'm wondering if you're seeing the picture I can see as my avatar. It doesn't look very fishlike. Have a look at my profile picture - it's a bigger version of the same picture. Do you see the same thing?
    6. fishmatter
      Hi Dave -

      Do you mean the one that's currently up, where I have no head? If so then no - That's just a kind of stereotypical thing the beatnik types would do in films from the 60's when they wanted to pretend they were filming something. Like they were looking through a frame. I'm a photographer and was just playing around with deleting my head and ended up with this picture.
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    Santa Monica California
    Psycho-sociologist and Mentalist
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    David Judah Layb
    ? Other what??
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    You suffer from my my mental "illness" of paranoia which has come to your attention through the Internet where I post the thoughts that occur to me.
    These thoughts are founded with great support from people among you, past and present, who supply facts, data, and arguments for what I post.

    It is that what I say seems to be correct that angers you, especially if you are somehow committed to certain paradigms of the moment which are dead wrong.

    Though it is of little consequence for me that you are so often so easily disturbed by the Truth which I post in my responses, it is, nevertheless, my only reward.

    There has been no swell of intelligent and honest people that might have gathered around what I tell all, and herald the insights as the missing thoughts so necessary to dissolving both established sides to these debates which are wrong on both sides.
    Their has been no observable discarding of erroneous ideas on your part and an embrace of the middle road between both sides which I represent.
    The larger society has not suddenly been hearing the things I post against the issues of the day, against both sides to these public discussion of various subjects.

    That this has been so is a testimony to my faith in Truth, that though ignored or denied, even crucified, it will not die out, it can not be killed, it will rise again over time.

    My faith in the Truth consoles my loss of an immediate ground swell.
    Like seeds thrown on fertile ground, the Truth will at some point take root, an a social force will rise up proclaiming it.
    The Institutionalized thinking of the moment will crumble before it, as if an earthquake had struck with great devastation.

    My 3 interests is to show that Bill Maher is wrong about Politics, the Bible, and Religion.