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Jan 4, 2013
    1. tresha
      Here you be!!
    2. sherp
      Gloria, is that you? Lyn
    3. tresha
      ..........boo!.....whew! We almost let the record slip through our fingers!
      Didya get me email?
      At the moment I'm not as concerned about a reply as worried about the system working.
      Some of us are still trying to contact other friends about Inferno being in a coma and their email via here is the only way we have to do it, if there is a glitch---I guess that's something we wouldn't know. :dohtwo: as they'd have no way to know we were trying to contact them.

      (oh my, did you follow all that?)
    4. tresha
      Oh and when you read the email---please don't hate me because I'm beautiful---it's just genetics you know.....
    5. tresha
      *sigh* rookies trying to use the emoticons without training...it's not :fish: ya gotta spell out the word trout.
      But it was a nice effort I suppose.....
    6. tresha
      Do NOT let our record fall by the wayside! :omg:

      Think of the children!
      Think of the animals....think of the----yeah, I'm out....
    7. tresha
      Sent ya an email!
    8. tresha
      haven't slept since Wed.
      Will email you later today/this evening.
    9. tresha
      Um...pardon me, I do so hate to interrupt, but .daniel, I do believe we are in the midst of setting a PF record?

      (and do I read you correctly that I've your permission to contact you via your off site Email?)
      If you answer me *here* chances are I shan't see it until much much later....:sun:
    10. katiegrrl0
      what i am trying to say is that unless you get people to listen the messgae goes unheard. you may have had the greatest message known to the world but if no one hears it goes no where. the tea events were like bad advertising. who buys the gym shoe if you put the adds on fliers on the bottom of a sand box. no one. that is what these events were. the press was about the event and not about the message.
    11. katiegrrl0
      you were having tea as the rest of the world was laughing at what appeared to be a rather pathetic attempt at protest. i never protested by drinking tea. most foreign press corps people i am one thought the symbilic nature of this was lost to the rest of the world and seen as people who had no clue how to make a point trying to make one.
    12. katiegrrl0
      i really did not see the tea parties no matter who attended as anything more than a diversion and a joke. they as far as protest goes hardly reached the bottom rung of the ladder. i am happy to know though that there were Afro-Americans in attendance as well. it does make a statement about the nature of people that the protest reached. thank you for being informative and open.
    13. katiegrrl0
      fox is hardly news most of the time. the foreign press and media showed them and made fun of them for the most part.
    14. katiegrrl0
      things can be handled as adults. yes it does get unfortunate that online these things can happen. i do not live in the US i live in Israel and see world news there. the tea party news never once showed a black. it leaves the rest of the world to wonder what these parties were saying. it was bad press or the people running the events didn't see to it that the numbers were clearly shown, that is more what my post was about. nice getting to meet you in an odd sort of way.
    15. katiegrrl0
      the thread asked if the tea parties were racist. i mentioned what i had seen and said that if this was really true than the were in fact racist. read my first post. i in no way insinuate that i am looking or judging them to be racist. i have retracted my report to the mods.
    16. katiegrrl0
      i have indeed retracted my complaint.
    17. katiegrrl0
      i accept the apology you gave. it is forgotten in my mind. i will send to the mods a retraction of my complaint.
    18. katiegrrl0
      i bolded it. you said i see down racial lines that is the same thing. you my friend insinuated that i am a racist. i do not get my news in the US i saw news clips in Israel where i am from and saw not one Afro-American in the clips. I made that statement saying just that. you said i was looking at something down racial lines. that is calling me a racist. you have insulted me and i take issue with that statement and you over that.
    19. katiegrrl0
      i have reported you for calling me a racist. it is my hope that you will be infracted or warned. my statement in no way deserved that type of response.
    20. tresha
      Hey! If you leave messages for me HERE---the chance of me seeing them go considerably down....I thought....:sniff: I thought you---:sniff: I thought you hated me now! Wahhhh!
      You know....on account of me being an "Adviser" and all.....no, no...it's okay...I'm sure I'll be fine...just need a tissue....
    21. Inspire
      Thanks for the welcome! Looks fun here!
    22. .daniel
      Let's break it!!!

      ohhh!!!! That's right. Hmph. We could use e-mail if I still can't read PM's?
    23. tresha
      We are now attempting a record for the longest continuous "conversation" via PF Profile pages!
    24. tresha
      No---it was a topic you brought up a few months back, but I'm not comfortable talking about in an open forum and since I can't PM you because the PF hamster hates me---I guess I'm S.O.L.---and I've only got a few minutes anyway---amber and I are the Screwit house on Kid Patrol whilst they (Screwits) enjoy Daddy Day out amongst themselves....
      Dang it! I don't know why Harry (hamster) hates me....I got 'im a new wheel----
    25. tresha
      Do you really not know why I've been trying to contact you?
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