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    1. dattaswami
      You should not give value to anything except analysis. You should not try to give value to a statement in the scripture because it is in the scripture. The concept of the statement of the scripture is always true and the truth stands always in any extent of intensive analysis.

      Truth never fears to stand before the verification by any extent of analysis. If the statement in the scripture fails in analysis, it means you have taken the statement in the angle of some wrong interpretation. If the statement of scripture is taken in its original correct angle, it never fails in analysis.

      The Gita starts with the praise of analysis (Sankhya Yoga or Buddhi Yoga). The last verse of the Gita says that Arjuna should analyze everything said in the Gita and accept only after analysis. Shankara condemned the atheistic Sankhya Yoga of Kapila. Then the opponent said that Kapila is said to be omniscient. Shankara refused the validity of such statement stating that tomorrow somebody may say that some Tom, Dick and Harry are also omniscient. The validity of the truth comes only from the analysis and not by any other undue consideration. Actually the omniscient Kapila, who was the human incarnation of God, is different from the Kapila, who is the author of the atheistic Sankhya Yoga. This confusion is exploited by the opponent.
    2. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      dude your talking like a total idiot...you don't understand the Vedas at all...

      you give swamis and gurus a bad name
    3. Swensson
      You've repeatedly been asked to stop posting so many threads, yet you still average six threads a day, most of which are unanswered or only get answers complaining about the fact that you post so many unnecessary threads.

      Why is it that you keep spamming and diluting the religion forum? It's not like you engage in intellectually honest debates.
    4. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      PLEASE - slow down on your posts... PLEASE!!!! Breathe!!! Sheesh, man/woman - you need to go for a walk or something - step away from the computer! How or why would you post so many threads?

      I'm not understanding - please explain...
    5. Swensson
      He's copying text from some material, a website or a book, onto numerous forums, just google a chunk of his text.

      Dattaswami, what is your source?
    6. lynx
      Why do you submit so many topics at the same time?
    7. dattaswami
      thanks. You can read all my post and analyse it...
    8. Wolverine
      We may not agree, but I do enjoy your posts a great deal. Very well written.
    9. dattaswami
      hi bishadi..how are you?
    10. Bishadi
      how many site will you seek me at?
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