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    1. beria
      You stupid (*)(*)(*)(*)ing idiot convict!
    2. diligent
      Are these people really Asylum Seekers or just thugs who will do anything to bully their way into OZ. From today's 9 News:

      "Fires have broken out at the Christmas Island detention centre overnight, following ongoing protests involving more than 200 detainees.

      Police also used tear gas to quell protesters angry at processing delays, refugee advocates claim.

      The Australian Federal Police said police at Christmas Island responded to an incident at 2015 (local time) Thursday, but wouldn't confirm the use of tear gas.

      "The immediate priority is responding to the current situation," an AFP spokesperson told AAP.

      Between 200 and 250 detainees were involved in a range of violent behaviour including rock throwing, vandalism, arson and theft, the Department of Immigration said.

      The ABC has reported that a number of sleeping quarters were destroyed when two buildings were set on fire, after the police crackdown.

      All staff on the site were evacuated during the riot, which lasted to around midnight.

      The protest was sparked by a letter detainees received from Canberra stating that security checks would be undertaken in April.

      Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul believes the letter contained other information that has angered the detainees, and called for restraint at the centre.

      "It is obvious the use of force by police is leading to escalating tension and confrontation," he said in a statement, claiming a "strong version of tear gas" has "badly affected protesters".

      Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says violent protests are "completely unacceptable".

      "How can you expect our officials to process applications for asylum when that sort of thing is happening," he told the Seven Network, referring to the reported fires at the Christmas Island detention centre."

      When will Australia wake up and reinstate the previous Liberal Government's successful approach to 'Illegals"?
    3. diligent
      Why do we allow people with such ingrained,ignorant attitudes to enter this country.I have just received the following news:

      'The woman and little girl stabbed to death yesterday in Western Sydney were from Afghanistan. The wife wanted to visit the beach and the husband objected and this caused the trouble. '

      It is a disgrace to our civilisation!
    4. diligent
      At last, a report that reveals the distortion of the truth by the teaching profession with its selfish attitude towards the vital task of teaching of our children. From today's Australian:

      Governments waste millions of dollars in education on expensive and ineffectual programs to reduce class sizes.
      A new report advocates that the money instead be spent improving the standard of teaching.

      A report by the Grattan Institute released today aims to refocus the education debate on teacher quality, arguing improving the effectiveness of teachers is the biggest economic reform governments could implement, adding $90 billion to gross domestic product by 2050.

      The report says government spending on education increased about 40 per cent over the past decade, much of it spent on reducing class sizes, which has had no effect on improving student or educational standards.

      "It is more important for a student to have an effective teacher than to be in a class with a few less students," it says.

      "Smaller classes are intuitively appealing. It is easy to imagine that they result in more one-on-one interaction with students, more effective teaching and learning time for each student, and a reduction in the burden of dealing with negative behaviour.

      "Unfortunately, the evidence does not support these assertions."

      An analysis released this year of the effects of reducing class sizes in the US state of Florida found the program had "little, if any, effect" on learning and behavioural issues such as absenteeism, suspensions and bullying.

      But the program was extraordinarily expensive, costing about $US1 million per school per year to reduce class sizes by 2.5 to three students in every year up to Year 8." etc.etc.
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