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In Memoriam, from Long Island N Y

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Jan 3, 2015
    1. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      HaHaHa my friend,

      a nice picture of you!
    2. HillBilly
      well , old friend ,, it looks to me as though we ain't gonna agree on this.... haw haw haw ,, but that's ok ... not gonna argue with a good friend over it ,,,, I'll save that for an open forum ...... but I will say that there are just as many Repubs as Dems drawing $$ entitlements ,, and they all vote ,,, look at AARP roles....

      as far as the GOP keeping costs down ,,, well ,, how much does it cost to finance 4 wars and start a new branch of the US Gov't ??? [ Homeland Security ] and that was a GOP mistake ,,, leave the Dems out of that cluster-fluk....

      and POTUS Bush did what the GOP party dictated he do ,,, and you know that as well as I do , old buddy.... they had control for at least 8 years ,,, can't 'swift-boat ' that , old son.

      Yeah , I'm beat too ,,, hope ya enjoyed the breakfast I sent ,, and that you sleep well and get a good nights sleep tonight... for a change.....

      Dream about hooking a 5lb bass on that outfit I sent ya for Chrismas ,,, that ought to be worth a few hours of sleep.....

      Later ,, old buddy ,,, rest easy and sleep well my friend... Dan
    3. HillBilly
      well , let's say the GOP does win big in Nov.. the Party of NO will just turn into the Party of OH NO ..... haw haw haw ..... don't see as how the GOP have any answers.... hell , they ain't had any good ideas in 20 + years ,, what makes ya think they do now ??? My opinion , it's the GOP that don't have anything... at least the Dems tried to address some things and get things done... time will tell... 2 more years....
    4. HillBilly
      yeah , those Amish really eat well... love the bread... smell it from 1/2 mile away...

      Lord , we need to start some new threads on PF... good grief ,,, PF is starting to smell...
    5. RichT2705
      I thought it was interesting too, so i figured Id post it. No doubt though, that it wont be followed up on.

      Hey on a side note, very nice Vette! is that a 79?
    6. HillBilly
      have breakfast on me this morning..[IMG]
    7. HillBilly
      still with the soup spoon ?
    8. HillBilly
      can't get in the mood to post anything tonight..
    9. HillBilly
      that was a great post... hahahaha...I can just see GK jumping sky high with a load of salt in his highandmighy backside.. hahaha ,,, maybe since I've another barrell I could get 'you-know-who' with the other... now I just pay some $$ for that... hahahaha... LOL
    10. HillBilly
      Did you get that steak dinner today ???
    11. submarinepainter
      thank you very much
    12. Rapunzel
      Don't it though...lol
    13. Rapunzel
      I'll bring my own...;)

    14. HillBilly
      well ,, I was changing out 'Tools ' bowl , and didn't have any aquarium salts ,,, but had some sea-salt ,,,, and used that as a cleaning agent for the glass bowl and gravel in his 1 gallon bowl.....

      TOOL is still doing real good and growing some really exceptional finnage ..
    15. HillBilly
      Flounder ,,, is there any difference between sea-salt and aquarium salt ??
    16. HillBilly
      Hope you're feeling better and had a peaceful day... you hang in there and rest all you can...

      see ya tomorrow...
    17. webrockk
      From the age of 15, when I ran way from home, until I joined the Navy at 23, I lived in a Marxist hippie commune....and bought all the lies and political tactics until I finally realized I wanted more out of life. I know leftists like the back of my hand, and every time one of them...and you know which ones, tries to pull their lies and deflections, I go into launch mode, lol. Their exposure is paramount for the survival of this nation. Thanks for the rep board props...I was suprised!
    18. webrockk
      Collectivism under the auspices of "social justice" is their holy grail...."individual" suffering doesn't matter... "victim groups" are what matters, to be then used as pawns for attaining agenda. The vile progressive left has taken over JFK's democrat party, and they are nothing more than despicable communists. Keep on pounding, and exposing them.
    19. webrockk
      You're welcome! Very well written, and absolutely true....I could hear the passion and conviction in your "voice"
    20. HillBilly
      sheeeesh,, George ,, I'm with you in spirit , old buddy.... get that Doc to write you a pain med scription and go to bed and try and rest when ya get back home... sleep till Monday if ya can....
    21. HillBilly
      Your up early enough.... how ya feeling this morning ??

      ya ready to go fishing ???
    22. changed
      Oh No, Mister Goerge..............................
    23. HillBilly
      heck , you're in Taliban country now....
    24. HillBilly
      Night George ,,, you get that tooth taken care of today ,,, but I'll come to NYC and yank that thing out for ya if ya want.... won't cost you a dime.... I'll hit you with a billy-jack to knock ya out ,,, pull out my trusty vise-grip pliers ,,, and with one mighty yank ,,, I'll have that bad tooth out and when ya wake up ,,, no more pain.....

      No need to thank me ,,, what are friends for ??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqYz0MUw3J8
    25. changed
      No, can't see it.
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