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    1. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      Nothing personal. I have been on both sides of this debate. I can always depend to get a reaction from you, Browerbird , Derideo_Te or Mr_Truth. It is always good to hear the other side.
      1. FoxHastings
        FIX post looks like those are all my comments!!!!!
        Jun 26, 2019
    2. Just_a_Citizen
      Hey, I personally try to stay as on topic in threads as I can. I've only been a member here for a few days, & quite honestly, I'm used to forums where derailing a topic completely is not tolerated very much. But anyway. Apparently you've misunderstood my position on a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, and/or my position on the use of my or any U.S. citizen's tax dollars. No problem really, since I'm new here, without many posts to date. I look forward to engaging with you, & others of course, here in the future, on a wide range of subjects. As far as the topic we've been chatting under, unless you'd like to start a topic regarding your stand, as opposed to being completely off topic where we are now, I have no want to continue the discussion any further. Circular arguments never really have appealed to me.
    3. justonemorevoice
      Omg. Go look at his new lie.
    4. SteveJa
      Hope you enjoy your evening
    5. justonemorevoice
      I'd say I proved my point...wouldn't you? Oh and I just popped your VM cherry. Lol.:)
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