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Mar 12, 2020
Dec 5, 2008
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Mar 12, 2020
    1. justonemorevoice
      dont you just wanna reach through your computer and smack him? LOL
    2. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      you know it's time we should be friends...we have interacted with each long enough that it is obvious we value each other's opinion, or in the very least make each other think...

      my highest honour to you would me saying"Yer Alright GraspyDo!" lets befriend each other
    3. RevAnarchist
      Trust me he isn't worth the effort Doc. He is not our peer nor is he a threat to any of our beliefs. I usually go to sleep debating him he is so boring and predictable. So yeah, you can have him and no I wont take him back!
    4. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      he's all mine rev....mmmmmmmmm graspydo
    5. RevAnarchist
      I dropped by just to check you out ~
    6. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      please don't lie in my profile..i never asked you to be humble...i don't do humble and don't expect it from those trying to learn from me.....
    7. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      you need to rethink everything you think is valid....your completely wrong most of the time and need revalidation therapy in order to find your true inner you...I love you....i want you to want me to be your teacher...only then shall you find freedom....
    8. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      sniffles...*sniff sniff*
      all ever wanted was for you to want me.
    9. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      you hate me....
    10. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I love You
    11. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      MWUAAHHHHHHHHHH big smackers on cheeks of choice.....mmmmmmmm Graspydo!!!
      you know i like you ..i like you a lot.....can i see what you look like if you were a woman...please...
    12. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I know you said you were a guy..but could you pretend to be a girl?....if you do so i will ask to be your friend....ok?
    13. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
    14. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      why is that creepy?

      are you a girl....are you a the heck you fill out report them for asking your sex?
    15. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      lolydo.....hey someone said you were a chick in a rep thing deal to me...zsat true?
    16. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      where did ya go? were you banned like me?
    17. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      GFP...what ya up to
    18. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      it's weird but i had a nik name gutripper gave my cause of my fixation on granny porn and urinating old ladies....Granny pee flaps and he turned me into's weird by i feel kismet GFP
    19. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      Stop The Straw Man Stuff....
    20. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      your not going to worm your way out of not replying.....i won't let can talk around subject forever...but you refuse to reply for you cannot...
    21. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I don't like you anymore and take back what i just said on the 20th...
      sticks tongue out at Graspeeing
    22. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      you know contrary to what others might want of me...and what you might think of me...i think your help me think about stuff...anyway...always try to remember that....others here i would never say this too...i value you and that absentee Vulcan who lost all his logic....hopefully he gets a grip...LOL!!!
    23. Jiyuu-Freedom
      It's proof. What more do you need? I just posted in three different religion threads when no one else could. I prayed about it. I don't care if you don't believe me. I don't have magical powers. Geez.
    24. Jiyuu-Freedom
      God is real! I can post in the religion thread...Prove of Gods existance. How? I prayed about it. You may be a skeptic, but I am a believer. I hope the forum is up soon. It's pretty serious problem from what I have read in posts.
    25. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!! he he heee!!

      NOW - let us continue!
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    "The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice."

    - George Carlin