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    1. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      Have not seen you on forum in awhile. Are you doing OK with the fires and all?
    2. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      I noticed in one of your posts your electrical engineering interests. Nano Dimension, HENSOLDT succeeded in assembling the world-wide first 10-layer printed circuit board (PCB) which carries high-performance electronic structures soldered to both outer sides," the companies said. "Until now, 3D printed boards could not bear the soldering process necessary for two-sided population of components," What do you think?
    3. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      Thought you may enjoy this quote when it comes to children.
      Mother, when your children are irritable, do not make them more so by scolding and fault-finding, but correct their irritability by good nature and mirthfulness. Irritability comes from errors in food, bad air, too little sleep, a necessity for change of scene and surroundings; from confinement in close rooms, and lack of sunshine.
      Herbert Spencer
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    Spanking or otherwise hitting children is a sure sign of poor parenting. We don't hit those we love.

    Conservatives are always at a disadvantage. Progress is always coming and you can't stop it.