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Nov 13, 2017
    1. flounder
      Sorry to hear that, we really missed you. I know with the Dems a few days is a life time,,,LOL
    2. thoughtprocess
      She is wonderful and becoming smarter than me everyday. Thanks for asking. I have been studying really hard on the issues before me as well as applying myself more at work. Talk to you later.
    3. flounder
      Thank you Indy,,,hey,,your not going Pirate???, come on join the fun. I googled Dustin Hoffman Captain Hook I was going to use him,,great pictures. Then I saw the hook, I said Yup,,that it!!!,,,hahahahahaah. Hey it would be good if you coud get a picture of the crock that followed hook,,,,wooooooooooooo, Bet Disney has one!!
    4. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
    5. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
    6. daisydotell
      You will have no problem... I like your posts.....:smile:
    7. REDRUM
    8. flounder
    9. REDRUM
      It's the truth, Obama poses a serious threat to our liberties and freedoms by means of investigating the CIA who has sheltered us safe of radical Islamofascism dating back to 1996. It was Osama Bin Ladin and AQ that declared a religious jihad holy war against the U.S. and Israel in 1998. Point blank, the Obama administration is in bed "sleeping with the enemy"
    10. flounder
      Your posts make me smile,,,,we are even,,,HAHAHAHAHAH
    11. flounder
    12. REDRUM
      I read where your children are active in sports. I'm huge fan of sports and played all major sports in elementary and high school. I played small college football for 2 years and played fast pitch softball in the 1980's/1990's. You are one of my favorite posters here at PF, keep up the great work. :thumbsup:
    13. flounder
      mom,,I am right there with you. I can not take many of them too long, they really go for the throat, constantly. Thats one of the reasons I do not like the libs on these sites,,,their mean, vulgar, and I find myself getting like that just to be heard!!!
      Hannity the same thing, how much can you take??, I do love ann though,,LOL
      Yes, most times I do agree with them, because they are right!! I really think Beck is on to something, I just told SPARKS that, we were told forget about guilt by association, but by now it's too darn obvious, you would have to be blind.
    14. flounder
      Reality show,,,hahahahaahah,,good one mom,,hahahaahh

      I am serious though, this is nuts. Do you watch Beck?..[I dont usually], but he's on to some interesting things....Oh,,thanks for the rep
    15. REDRUM
    16. PursuitOfHappinessParty
    17. REDRUM
      I enjoy reading your posts and take 12th's advice, she's one of the finest mods here at PF.
    18. GramCleric
      Thank you for accepting. I enjoy your posts. Keep them up :-)
    19. The12thMan
      Don't get frustrated. Some of them are truly blind. One called the OP a liar because he couldn't think for himself and do the work of finding the truth. Now the truth comes out and makes him look stupid.
    20. The12thMan
      I think you might fit in very well in the social group "The Conservative Movement". To read about it, click on "User CP", then click on "Social Groups".
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