Aug 3, 2015
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    1. Polydectes
      I had to post it in Israel thread I wouldn't let me post it here on a profile
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    2. Polydectes
      I tried to start a private conversation with you but couldn't. I saw an interview with Douglas and Murray on triggernometry and he just did a fantastic job of pulling away all of the BS surrounding this. If your interested I can give you the link
      1. Kal'Stang
        Sure :) always like to learn :)
        Nov 11, 2023
    3. TOG 6
      TOG 6
      AR15 M16
      Its a trap for the anti-gun boobs
      1. Kal'Stang
        Ah, gotcha.
        May 12, 2023
    4. Polydectes
      The way to mortally wound critical race theory, is to ask the simple question why does 1+1=2?

      If they say anything other than white supremacy, they have nullified critical race theory.
    5. Moi621
      Think GoT
      "YOU Know Nothing Kal'Stang"

      DP is a choir of lefties.
      PF is more diverse.
      When I joined it was full of Right Wing, fascist types.
      Those that expressed hatred for "them" and "those"
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    6. Roadvirus
      Hey Kal!
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      2. Roadvirus
        Not much. Red is transferring DP from vB to XenForo and it'll be down until Monday, and since I had an account here, I thought i'd see what trouble I can cause until then.

        Some of us miss ya, bud!
        Sep 18, 2020
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      3. Kal'Stang
        Miss being over there also. PF has far more partisans than DP. But it is what it is ya know? ;) How come they're going away from vB?
        Sep 18, 2020
      4. bubbabgone
        Hey ... I know those names.
        It's okay here but I miss posting images directly from the Computer.
        Hope that limitation won't be in effect but I suspect it will.
        Sep 19, 2020
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    I have an answer for everything...you may not like the answer or it may not satisfy your curiosity..but it will still be an answer. ~ Kal'Stang
    Bacteria is life on Mars, but a heart beat isn't life on Earth? Weird. ~ Tom McDonald
    There is ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. So when I talk in what you think of as "generalities" know that 99.9% of the time I am not.
    What is a flag meant to be? Its meant to unify people under a single cause. What does a rainbow do? Divide light into its separate components. Going by this logic, the US flag is meant to unify. The Rainbow flag is meant to divide.