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Feb 16, 2010
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Jul 11, 2010
    1. HillBilly
      Miss you Magill , you lunkhead . Merry Christmas 2011 my old friend . I hope all is well with you and yours . [IMG]
    2. flounder
      I just posted a picture of my sons Dog on my home page, cant get him out of the water,,,HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    3. flounder
      Nice dog Mag...
    4. flounder
      Hey MAG, how are you buddy....? My son got a new Dog, a black Lab. Fantastic Dog.
    5. HillBilly
      Looking forward to it , Magill...
    6. HillBilly
      hey Magill , glad to see ya back.. that movings a chore , isn't it ? a person never knows what they have accumulated until ya start putting it in boxes...

      ok , to send a private message [ or a PM ] , basicaly you just find their name and click on it. that will take you to their home page [ or user cp ] ..

      then you will see under their avatar a message block , [ i think it's blue ] click on that , and you have your choice of a private or visitor message...

      try that and get back to me...
    7. changed
      Well, that is nice!!! Thanks for the big hello magill....
    8. flounder
      flounder is my email
    9. flounder
      How wonderful to hear from you Mag,,,can you send me a PM? Oh wait, I'll send you one,,,,LOL
    10. HillBilly
      Happy Easter , Magill

    11. HillBilly
      Magill , you mean to tell me with your penchant for finding a fight you can't find one on PF ???? hard to believe , old buddy... hard to believe... haw haw haw ...
    12. flounder
      No I was not being sarcastic you know me better. Anyway things picked up a little. Naaa I rarely stop at buzz, went a few times to see if I could find you, but that's about it. The debating here is a much higher level and the Mods help a lot. You still messing with Soda Head?
    13. flounder
      Ya know something I was just saying the same thing to another poster, and several have agreed. I do not think it is the site as it is there is nothing to cheer about on the Obama side, so there is not much to discuss. I am not being sarcastic, but when one side has nothing to tease the other side with it gets slow,,,hahahah, Same thing goes for the Repubs side. People tend not to discuss as much. You been over to buzz?
    14. flounder
      mag, You have to watch making too many posts on the same page continuously. They all go to the end of the thread and it looks like you are controlling the thread, they don't like that. I do it sometimes too, I shouldn't. So if you are engaged in a steady give and take debate then fine post all you want. But if there is no other person there than make one comment and move on to the next thread....K?
    15. HillBilly
      Hey Magill , good morning to ya....: )

      How about we learn how to send a private message this morning ?

      look about 6 " above this line... see that green glowing circle ?

      see just below it in white letters in a dark blue background " Send Message "

      well , everyone on PF has that in the same place...

      when ya put the cursur on " Send Message " , it'll turn yellow.. see ?

      when ya click on that , you'll have 2 options .. send a private or visitor message.

      there ya go , hope that helps.. : )
    16. flounder
      Hey mag, Have you tried the private messenging here yet, do you know how?
    17. flounder
      Hi magill, whats up? you out there posting? I'll come get ya!!,,,hahahhaah
    18. HillBilly
      Magill , you hang in there on PF , you'll be a PRO in no time at all... Flounder is here , and he's a great one to ask about the bells & whistles ,,,, but I'll help you any way that I can.

      You stick with it , old buddy , you hang in there...
    19. flounder
      Hey, I'm in no rush, if you have a question ask me. You see right under your name above it says send message? Go to anybodies page and hit that, a box comes down, hit
      ''send private message'', you can then send me a whole note.
    20. caramel
      HI Malgill,,,,lol sorry Magill..... This is caramel aka curler long time no talk... hows it going... things a little differant here.....
    21. flounder
      YEAH, I EMAILED YOU A COUPLE OF TIMES YA BIG LUG....[You never responded, I was broken hearted,,,LOL]
      Send it again, cause its buried now. Send it private message, you know how to do that?
    22. flounder
      Anything you need Mag, I know this place real well, I even know some nice libs for you to meet,,,HAHAHAHA. Seriously, your way beyond those other sites, your an informed man with points to make, you would be a great addition here. Just be careful buddy, they dont play those attack games here, they will throw your butt right the hell out, and I would hate to see that. Just remember this one rule,,Attack the post, and not the poster. Follow man, it's simple. Princess did not last a week,,,hahahahah
    23. HillBilly
      Hey Magill , great to see ya on PF.... stick with it , old buddy , PF is really great once ya learn the bells and whistles... Flounder is a great one to ask , but I'll help ya all I can....
      Changed and Jollee are here too.. KK8 is here as well...

      You hang tough , old buddy , and great to see ya on PF , really great....
    24. flounder
      Hey Mag, you need any help just ask, I know this place and it can be hard at first.
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