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Sep 22, 1983 (Age: 40)
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MacGyvers House Boat
I work at McDonalds, but would like to start my ow

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Mar 18, 2015
    1. submarinepainter
    2. Ethereal
      Why did you delete that thread about Rubio and Palin and immigration reform!? Just because there were some insults does not mean you should just delete everyone's posts! I took a long time to write mine and they were topical and substantive. C'mon...
    3. danielpalos
      cute pic, chic.
    4. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hi Mak,

      I sent you a p.m. I am going to turn in early tonight. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Thanks okay?

    5. PoliticalForum
      I added a group picture to your Cat Lovers group. It was blank. Feel free to change it.
    6. tresha
      Ya changed the avatar pic again!
      Where'd the cute lady in da bikini go?
    7. Daggdag
      But, if sayig that trespassers will be shot on sight is a threat, then should it not be illegal to put up a sign that says it? These signs are very popular and completely legal to own and display, and last time I checked, it's also legal to carry firearms on private property.
    8. Daggdag
      I would like to point out that I never once threatened anyone in the thread you deleted. I simply stated my intention to defended private property by force. For it to be a threat, I would have to have state my intention of causing harm no matter what they did.
    9. tresha
      Gotta go to bed....night night meds are a kicking in!
      Don't wanna type that which I won't remember tomorrow!
    10. tresha
      Pay attention to me!! I sent you a PM. :(
    11. tresha
      Mercy, but isn't it still early/late over yonder?
      Can't remember the time difference, but I don't hardly see you on at this time.
    12. mertex
      I guess it must be one of those kinks that needs to be worked out.
    13. mertex
      Hey, Mak, I'm not able to see the Member List, is there a problem with the Forum on this? Just wondering.
    14. mertex
      Hi Mak, It's good to see you're still here. I left for a while, man this place got some overhaul. Hope to see you around - That's too funny, the picture SMW posted of Romney winning by landslide - I think he's going to lose by a landslide. Mertex
    15. Smartmouthwoman
      You're welcome, Mak! If I thought it was something you'd like, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble to find it! LOL

      Romney/Ryan 2012! Taking our country back!!!
    16. Smartmouthwoman
      Mak, not sure why the thread you left this message on got closed... but you asked for a bigger version of a pic I posted because you couldn't read the text. Here 'tis.


      You can google 'bickers berry model' for more info. ;)
    17. Shangrila
      How's the BD present working out? Having fun? :)
    18. FreedomSeeker
      I apologize for submitting a thread that was considered flamebait. Some times my extreme distaste for the hypocrisy of certain belief systems comes across as inflammatory. I'll try to refrain from that in the future. Freedomseeker.
    19. tresha
      Check mah new title. heh-heh
    20. Akula
      There was no reason to delete the brief conversation between me and Johnnymo.
      "Foghorn Leghorn" is an american cartoon character whose voice was done by the great Mel Blanc and Johnnymo and I have talked about this in the past..I recently posted a short video clip before and when he mentioned the character again in the thread, I posted another short clip and told him it was better than the first one.
      There was no "trolling" involved. Johnnymo and I have no issues/problems between us and I can't imagine why, other than "power tripping", you'd delete it and call it trolling.
      Perhaps young foreigners like yourself don't understand certain american traditions like cartoons. Merrie Melodies include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, Speedy Gonzales...etc..all voices done by Mel Blanc. Johnnymo and I have much respect for the late Mel Blanc
      Whatever makes you feel good, though, kid.
    21. Akula
      Well..this was a dupe of the above post...I can't delete so I have to type some stupid reason or it won't let me even edit..

      deleting things in threads must be thrilling fun, but the whole forum would be happier if you guys talked to admin and got the server problems sorted..i'm just wasting space here because I can't delete anything...lalalalala..whatever...blah blah...
    22. stevenswld
      You can't stand the question regarding black peoples effect on America. The post asked questions and listed facts to consider.
      Flame Baiting? What flame are you talking about? You are just another censor of truth because of your own views on the subject.
    23. 3link
      1. That thread was well within the guidelines. If you disagree, please explain? I read the rule. It says that a thread most either start a discussion or pose a question. I did the latter.

      2. Why should I let it go when I have good reason to believe that JP5 intentionally deleted that thread because he didn't agree with the message? It is well known on this forum that he frequently abuses his moderator privileges.
    24. 3link
      Why are you intentionally censoring this forum? You even posted in the original thread before it was deleted.
    25. BestViewedWithCable
      Why did you delete my opinion poll ?

      It was completely legit.
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    Sep 22, 1983 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    MacGyvers House Boat
    I work at McDonalds, but would like to start my ow
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    Single, and only looking because I am desperate for children!
    Real Name:
    My birth name is Kylie, but I prefer Kyle.
    No pets right now. I had a cat named Grace but she went to sleep just over three years ago.
    The usual rabble I see a few times a year.
    My collection of JBJ tshirts is rapidly growing
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    au victoria
    I'm an Aussie, and totally into Bon Jovi and MacGyver. I can also recite the entire script from Terminator 2, a movie I have seen over 1000 times. I consider myself an expert on the film.

    Bon Jovi, MacGyver and Rafael Nadal



    Farewell my beautiful Gracie Baby, beloved pet:
    15th Jan 1997- 18 Jul 2009

    "The Futures Not Set; There Is No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves" - John Connor: Terminator 2.