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Aug 25, 2014
    1. Frogger
      I registered for your site and was told an email would be forthcoming which would allow me to post but, alas, no email.
    2. violadude
      Ya, Obama is not liberal enough for me either, which is a sentiment that is always greeted with shock and horror by these silly tea partiers that think he is as liberal as anyone can get. He really let his base down though imo, based on the things he said before he became POTUS compared to what he did after.
    3. violadude
      Sweet. That is someone I was thinking about voting for too, but I'm not sure if he'll be on the ballot in WA. It was really encouraging to hear that he was only taking up to 100 dollars in campaign money so that there's no way these big corporations could out-buy the average joe. Gives me hope that if he was elected he would fight the corruption in the two parties we have now.
    4. violadude
      Hey there. I saw that you have a Justice Party avatar. I was just wondering if you are planning to vote for Rocky Anderson?
    5. ObamaSuperStar
      PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM ARE BAT (*)(*)(*)(*) (*)(*)(*)(*)ING CRAZY! WOW!! This use to be a decent place to visit.
    6. KSigMason
      I still have 2-years of Guard time left, but I'm no longer a full-time one, just a one-weekend a month soldier. Yeah, school life is different. If I do go to Colorado, I plan on going to University of Denver as they have a really good International Relations program according to my adviser.
    7. KSigMason
      Made it home from Iraq in September and I am now working on my Bachelors at BSU. Life is pretty good, nothing bad to complain about. What about you?
    8. KSigMason
      Hey. Good to see ya around. Well in a few years I may heading into your area to work on my Masters. Still working my plans all out.
    9. AJTheMan
      Love your icon!! :)
    10. tresha
      You just barely caught me!
      I've been up, way....way too long.
      Where the heck you been man? Left me here allllll alone! :lonely:
      Man, our youngest is gonna be 13 in a couple of weeks.
      All teenagers all at once! All at ONCE!!! :omg:
      Check out the "Prayer Request Thread" over in Off-Topic....it's the latest on me.
      I gotta go crash....I so need to learn how to pace meself.

      Please tell me you're gonna be around more?
    11. KSigMason
      I'll have it relatively easy over there as I'll be doing my actual job (UAV) and not playing mobile bullet catcher.

      Thanks for your support.
    12. KSigMason
      One year, total. Last time it was 6-months of training and then a year over there, but now the Guard only deploys for a year total.
    13. KSigMason
      Good to hear. I've been busy, getting ready for another deployment by years end.

      Lodge life is good. I'm the "has been" now, served as Master in 2009 and now I am the Outer Guard which is nice. I got busy in the York Rite, played the emotional rollercoaster with my ex-girlfriend, and joined the Eastern Star (co-ed body of Freemasonry). hehehehe, fun time.
    14. KSigMason
      Hey! Haven't seen you around in a while. What's going on with you lately? How's life?
    15. KSigMason
      Happy New Year!!
    16. tresha
      we're hanging in there....amber's almost over the worst lupus flare she's had since we've been together. :(

      The kiddos ain't so little no more! :omg:

      Her two eldest are in HS...HS!!! And it's homecoming weekend....EKE!!!
      Her only daughter is going to the Homecoming dance...amber and I of course will be waiting outside in the shadows, well armed should anyone decide to make a false move....:tombstone:.......
      Anyway----how's things with you and the fam?
    17. OneThunder
      I'm afraid to ask I might get infracted :)
    18. OneThunder
      ....and a complete dyed in the wool lib. God Bless her.
      Have you heard from Guy? Know where he hangs out? I bookmarked the site he always sent us to:www.wimp.com
    19. OneThunder
      Lot of people have been "banned". I miss Guy Fawkes. He sure could turn a phrase. Oh and Inferno passed away. RIP Inferno.
    20. tresha
      Hey YOU!
      I got the strangest email saying your forum was back up and a running!

    21. OneThunder
      working too much..when there are those that lost their jobs........and irritating the democrates and the republicans around here :)
    22. 06AlphaGriot
      Check out my new folder, "Why do you participate in this Racist Forum?" I'd like to have you contribute.
    23. KSigMason
      That sucks man. I was curious to where you went. How was vacation?

      I noticed the site went down in later July, but I was also out in the field.
    24. 06AlphaGriot
      I got it. How is it going?
    25. KSigMason
      Hey, did DP die? I haven't been able to get on it
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