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Jul 11, 2010
    1. Pragmaticist
      OK that's not a problem. I just figured I might offer it :-)
    2. HillBilly
      Rabbit , this is something that I question also...there are many such honest and relevant questions that there are just no proper answers for... the Bible just is not specific enough to answer many of these questions ... for whatever it's worth , my little sister was killed in a car wreck when she was 16 , the day after Thanksgiving , 1979 , and my Dad , a good Christian man and a Deacon , had serious doubts in his own Faith that she would be received in Heaven because she had never been baptized.... it really ripped him up , you know , it ripped us all up , and it took many years to reconsile our grief along with whatever Faith we had left , and it was mighty meager and wavering for a long , long time.... so I sort of know where you're coming from , Rabbit...

      All I know , Rabbit , is what I feel in my heart ,,, and I don't have the answers , I wish that I did , but I'll say this much to you , because you've asked me fairly and honestly , and I'll answer you in the same way , fairly and honestly...

      God did not put us here to punish us for being human , God was lonely when He created us , he wanted someone to talk to that would be a companion to him..in that context , perhaps God was more human that we give him credit for...after all , many times in Biblical texts , we are called his " children " ....

      Rabbit , what Father would condemn his children to eternal torture because they were somehow taken before they could ask for forgiveness ???

      I believe this , Rabbit , that God is a God of Love , but that HE can be stirred to Wrath...

      I believe that God is a fair God , a Loving God , and a forgiving God ....

      and I believe with all my heart that God would never condemn anyone to Hell on something that they had no control over or perhaps a hopeless circumstance in their lives that there was just no way to ever believe that things would ever get any better..

      Hell is there for those that are EVIL , the murderers and such...

      Heaven is something that God wants for all of us , Rabbit ...

      I hope what I have said has helped you... in some small way...
    3. Sibboleth
      I've been working like crazy lately, so give me a few days - when I finally get a day off and can rest my body and brain - and I'll respond.

    4. flounder
      I like BF, he is very honest and real. I am open to all types of conversation, I lose interest fast when people get insulting,,I just do not get that. I do not care if a person is a atheist or Muslim, I find people interesting.
    5. flounder
      I try to be open minded, I am an independent, you may be more liberal than me. However if the person is willing to talk then I will debate with anybody, many of my friends are liberal here. Hey, we may disagree but still learn,,,right? Many times I will rep somebody just because it was a good debate, you don't have to agree to have a good debate.
    6. flounder
      HAHAH, Thanks I'm fine....cut cut snip snip,,,hernia...LOL. I'll be walking around in no time, nice horse's
    7. feetie
      I love the classics. Plato, Socrates, But also St. Thomas, Nietch, Rouseau, Hobbes etc. I am working on my MA in special education but every now and then I sneak in a philosophy course...
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