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Many places, currently Belgium

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Nov 17, 2019
    1. Oldyoungin
      What happened to Margot ??
    2. RevAnarchist
      I commented in a thread where you are active i.e. the bible thing at penn state. I always visit a members profile page if I read a reply that differs from mine. So I reckon despite having ‘different’ opinions about such things as religion we do have similar likes, such as gardening. Well I am learning as I butcher my lawn! I also noticed (I dabble in art and photography) the woman in your photos have your bone structure etc? Is my eye failing me in my old age? ReVa
    3. B.Larset
      Thanks for thanking the Dedication thread. I use it to share things that interest me. Its also a nice way to thank other members. When I came here I created that and the poetry thread.
    4. flounder
      Happy Bird girl.......Eat more, much too thin...LOL
    5. Falena
      Happy Thanksgiving, Sadanie!

    6. jeffarkin
      Leaving this board. Thanks for spoiling it. I guess you seem to think it's all about you. I hope they ban you soon! You are a terrible person.
    7. flounder
      We are welcome
    8. Nunya D.
      Nunya D.
      Well, it is a fairly common name. My last is a little more German.
    9. Jazz
      My pleasure!
    10. Redalgo
      Why, thank you very much!

      My father actually grew up in the small town of Grantsdale, just to the immediate south of Hamilton. The Bitterroot Valley is a very charming area - though I've never been down there for more than a few days at a time. He ended up going to school for awhile at the U of M and for a number of years back in the 1970s was a smoke-jumper based out of Missoula. As for Darby, I haven't actually been that far south before in Ravalli County but do help reroute books to its library on a fairly regular basis! Small world, eh?

      Anyway, thanks again, and you've my best of regards! :)
    11. Outlander
      No problem. Good to find a few other like minded individuals (Rare considering my location)
    12. junobet
      Hi there, thanks for the compliments. They are rather undeserved I'm afraid, but I do my best. And I enjoy your posts, too, very much so, indeed. It's always good to see that there are some sane people out there.
    13. Heroclitus
      Sadanie. Hi, I'm a wise old sinner me. Religion is a very complex subject for me too. I'm agnostic really - Catholicism for me is more a metaphor, which I know is heresy. The message of Christian love is unanswerable though and I am deeply impressed by a theologian called Christopher Butler (whom I knew when I was young) who was a giant of Vatican II. He argued strongly for the primacy of conscience on the basis that God can only love beings who are truly free. Freedom and love are totally intertwined. That's not to say that he didn't take the teachings of the Church seriously and he certainly tried very hard to find the wisdom in all of them. But he argued that the authority of the conscience is the most important things because only this can reflect the triumph of love. Coercion and love just don't mix. When I read Catholicism like that, I'm right back at the communion rail.
    14. JeffLV
      There was another elderly lady on here who went by the name "Frolicking Dinosaurs", she was awesome too. She had the same love and bluntness as you. Word of caution though, if you can smell your bones you have bigger problems than arthritis :-P
    15. RichT2705
      Sorry you disliked it, but the truth sometimes is hard to swallow. Doesnt change the facts.
    16. Heroclitus
      Thanks for the nice message Sadanie. It's good to hear from people who can understand the concepts of balance, nuance and the fact that an argument may have two strong sides. It's rare alas. Best Wishes. H
    17. The DARK LORD
      The DARK LORD
      I seem to be one of the few conservatives looking at this with an unbiased POV, keep up your good work on this case, if GZ doesnt spend a lot of years in prison, its just another black eye to our so called "justice system", I will tell you if that were my 17 year old son, justice would be administered one way or the other.
    18. Ronald0
      Thanks for the rep. The Dems can talk the talk but can they walk the walk? In terms of foreign policy, how has Obama been any better than Bush? Both pander to the same big business and the top 1% who also control the information and media so you believe only what they want to. The two party system is flawed and corrupt. Until that is removed, we can never have real democracy for the people, of the people and by the people.
    19. Veni-Vidi-Feces
      Hey thanks for the rep. I often say on my job I have 1/2 a clue twice a day, and I guess I musta hit on one of them with a post I made :D
    20. HillBilly
      yep , it's hard to deal with , my friend , I took care of my Momma the last 4 years of her life , it was a blessing that I was here with her . Dad died in '94 , my lil sis died in a car wreck in '79 , so it'd been me and Mom ever since .

      Hard to let go , but that's the way it is .

      my friend , don't you ever stop telling your Momma that you Love her and miss her , because every time you do , God passes it on to her , and one day when you cross the bard , your Momma will be there to help you cross over , and she'll have a wheelbarrow load of your prayers that she's saved over 30 + years , and what a happy reunion that will be , Glory and Jubilation , the circle will be un-broken , bye and bye . Amen .
    21. Johnny-C
      Okay, I will. :)
    22. Johnny-C
      Thanks, I only missed about 5 minutes before I hit record (thanks to your message). :)
    23. toddwv
      Thank you, Sadanie. I enjoy reading your posts because you seem to have a good grasp on the topics at hand and you cut straight through the pile of bull(*)(*)(*)(*) that they are trying to shovel. :)
    24. AnnaK
      Thanks for the friend request - I'm sending one back to you. :)
    25. toddwv
      Sorry, I tend to be overly ironic.

      I don't negative rep people so rest assured it was a rep for a job well done. :)
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    People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used
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