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Jun 17, 2006
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right behind you
Up-and-coming Psychological genius

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New Member, 18, from right behind you

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Nov 20, 2012
    1. justonemorevoice
    2. justonemorevoice
      i cant report her rep comments cuz i cant see them and she wont cuz she has no proof of who it is since the chickens dont sign em.
    3. Tedminator
      Nope I wasn't..and I don't know why he did step down. If you do find out, let me know pls.
    4. lita456
      Happy New Year sweetie!

    5. frodly
      spanky calm down before you get an infraction in the "what was your first infraction" thread.
    6. Leesha
    7. tresha
      I weren't trying to get you started on debating at other places goofball.
      I was trying to point out a nice thing about you and Inferno.

      tresh <------being nice.....SEE?
    8. tresha
    9. tresha
      Spanky my whaled friend?
      How long ya been swimming 'round these parts?
      You left me this message here?
      Like....last month?
      I just now saw it today!
      Because ya left it for me here ya goofy whale!!!
      Guess it's a good thing I decided to stalk you eh?

      And by the way...I did happen to notice when I was leaving you the message over at DP, about me being cancer free, that Inferno had told *you*, over there---that she found you, over there...a much better/more compatible opponent...and from what I can/could tell, that was high praise coming from her.

      IOW....once y'all began debating/communicating at other places, I think she knew you cared.
      Least that's what it looked liked to me.

      You gray, RIGHT whale.
    10. SpankyTheWhale
      What do you want people to say or do for you? Inferno's loss was a heavy blow, to be sure, especially because I never showed her that I cared about her when she was alive, and now I feel like (*)(*)(*)(*). Or at least at the time.

      As for me, I am just getting more and more pissed off about all levels of governance that apply to me, and feeling disenfranchised and feeling like I need to utilize all legal channels to make sure that every politician that affects my life's existence is as neutralized as possible.

      (And I am not a "gray" whale, you little cuddlyumpkins honeybunch. I am a "right" whale, get it?)
    11. tresha
      I've been sickly as hell with a hideously rotten tooth; am getting it yanked out my head tomorrow; been right frightened it was going to get dangerously abscessed before I could come up with enough funds to get it yanked first.
      amber's had a bit of a horrid flare of lupus come up on her and I find myself still grieving Inferno---


      (and I love you too, you big gray whale you)
    12. tresha
      Oh I'm sorry!
      While the rumors are true my pain management doc did start me on the skeery "hillbilly heroin"---alas I am forbidden from sharing.
    13. tresha
      Well while I would disagree with almost all of what you wrote, I do thank you for the straightforward answer.
      Much obliged. :mrgreen:
      (and welcome back!)
    14. tresha

      I would have never expected this from you.
      Am I reading correctly that you are repulsed, offended and disgusted by gays, hearing about gays and share the same views on homosexuality as Never Left?

      Wow...just *shakes head* wow.
      If you do respond, please give me the courtesy of a straight reply and not a drawn out question within a question classic Spanky puzzler. Okay?
      I've been in horrid pain and sick for about 3 weeks straight.
      If that's how you feel, it's how you feel.
    15. flounder
      Hi Spanky,,Thanks for the invite to you group. Sounds interesting, I and others have been going to local lakes and have been promoting catch and release. Children can get over zealous sometimes, and leave small sunfish to die on the shore, shame really.
      Anyway,,we have been very successful, and the people have taken it to heart.
      Let me know if your group takes off. Thank you
    16. Whaler17
      There isn't a PAC involved in this marine life coalition is there? I am tapped out of cash ;)
    17. submarinepainter
      Spanky you coming back?
    18. Inferno
      I knew you took a big hit on posts. It was a select few that took the hit. F100 was just in front of me by about 20 when I took the hit. He is still at the spot he was. He lost nothing as far as I can tell.
    19. Inferno
      Just so you know i just looked and you lost a bunch of posts as well. You were over 15000 last night. I looked as I made 11000 last night and you had over 15k now you have 14k nearing 15k.
    20. tresha
    21. tresha
      Quit swimming so fast!!!
      The site is slowing down
    22. Doug_yvr
      Good morning Spanky! :)
    23. Inferno
      Seeings how we have come to April fools day I will actually take you off ignore if you even care.
    24. Jifakir
      Thanks for Rep! ;)
    25. Paris
      From Hell (excuse the time lag)!!!!!!
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    Jun 16, 2006 (Age: 18)
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    right behind you
    Up-and-coming Psychological genius
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    Bill from Accounting
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    I have many pens, I have a phone
    when I was born, I weighed 1700 pounds, 6 ounces.

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    Through any and all LEGAL means necessary, the Obama Administration's existence must be neutralized and cancelled out.

    If you are on the chopping block, just contact me. You don't need to be banned. Contact me even if I hate you.