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Mar 21, 2009
Jun 2, 2008
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Mar 21, 2009
    1. tresha
      Okay, So I see ya at least were here on the 21st of March when previously it was saying Jan sometimes.
      Yeah, I'm stalking yer profile page.
      Now would ya get yer candy ass back here?!
      I miss yer soul and need it around here!
      Scary ass stuff is happening with my silly body and the doctors keep telling me stuff that AIN'T helping calm me down!!!

    2. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      Thank you for responding. Question: You can be a bigot on PF, but you can't acknowledge the fact that someone is a bigot. Surely, dear madam, you know that if there is one racist troll on PF it is LA Oil.
    3. The12thMan
      You're not allowed to call people bigots. I could have edited and issued you an infraction. I chose to delete the post instead.
    4. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      Thanks, BLZ. That is a hell of an idea! We'll try that this weekend. A Brit twist to an old South recipe.
    5. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      Very pleasant pie, I had adapted it by painting the inside of the pastry case with stawberry jam then adding the batter and baking,it is also good warm with icecream
    6. tresha
    7. tresha
      Tap tap tap TAP!
      Be SOBER for a second!
      Wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (why do people rush this one, it's not for a whole week! So, scratch that. The hell with that one. BAH on that one. I'll tell you that one NEXT week Dam nit !
      You're a great bud and I'm awful dang glad to have met you and your funny, southern, loyal, (might I add, cute little) ass. :heart: :hug:
      Now, do me a favor and respond in MY user profile page.
      I'd hate to have to send my Friends after you.
    8. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      And you too, my friend. Thank you. May you be happy. May you have peace. May you be blessed.
    9. Turkic Brat
    10. tresha
      Gonna be on for a bit more tonight?
      PM me please
    11. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      Dayum! I missed that too. What the hell is wrong with me?

      Well, good to hear you are doing well. You'll be back on your knees in no time. :wink:
    12. tresha
      Well I'm sorry hon. I sure thought me running nekkid through the streets with that banner caught your attention.
      Lord knows it caught the attention of the coppers.
      I figured, "what the hell? I'm getting my knee repaired anyway, might as well make it worth it!"
      Thanks for the well wishes!
    13. Doug_yvr
      Thanks Sparky! :)
    14. tresha
    15. Tehran Tim
      Tehran Tim
      I apologize for the very late reply. Those are good questions. I think people in Iran understand the US a lot better than you Americans understand us. I don't blame you for it, because there's really no need for Americans to understand the rest of the world. America is it's own world. But since America impacts us in so many ways, we sort of have to understand America. Our foreign policy, economy, or culture doesn't effect the US in the same manner. The first thing I'd say to any American is to forget everything you've read or heard about Iran. The American perception of Iran doesn't comport to the reality that I know, there's a massive disparity. Iranians understand that there's such distorted perception. Iran is the third biggest blogging country in the world. Virtually every family has relatives in the West, and there's a large and highly successful Iranian American community in the US. We listen to the rest of the world, we watch American movies sometimes before they're even released in the US, so we know the perception. We're under no illusions. All I'd say is that we're far more alike than different, and it's important to we begin to try to understand eachother.

      I don't know if that answers your question Sparky. If you were asking about foreign policy instead, or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
    16. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      Credit given where credit due, Katie. Good post.
    17. katiegrrl0
      Thanks for the rep.
    18. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      It's a tough time. I am fighting to save jobs. To date I am winning.

      Knee surgery I hear is a mf. Interesting in that today I talked for a while to a friend who is now a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident. A friend talked her into painting to work through the emotional pain. She paints with her mouth. She said that painting was her release, though she didn't realize it at the time. Now, 4 years later, her paintings are adding to her income. So who knows, when you end up writing a book we can say we knew you when! Sweetie, of course, can take the credit for moving you forward and will buy a condo in Key West with your money. But what the hell, I'm sure she is worth it and Key West is still a nice place to be.
    19. tresha
      There has been a huge influx of desperate sounding Obama-hating, lie-telling, McCain-supporting asses lately, yeah.
      Me and mine are struggling, but squeaking by.
      I'm still try to recover from my dang knee injury, Sweetie had talked me into starting a writing exercise come November so that might cut into my time a bit over here.
      I posted a thread about it in Off-Topic. It's called "Public Announcement". Feel free to give it a glance.
      Sorry things are so hard for you right now at work. That sucks.
    20. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      Coming from you it is a true welcome. I've been bogged down in work. Still am. Thanks for the shout.

      These ultra conservatives scare the sh!t out of me and I am a fearless man. The Greatest Depression is coming. I'll handle that. Wacked out racists and homophobe religionists bother me greatly. I thought I'd post a few but God the willful ignorance of the morons brings out the fighter in me. Guess it shows, huh?

      How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and yours.

    21. tresha
      Hey buddy, glad to see you back sir. Missed having you around these parts.
      Welcome back!
    22. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas

      Business dictates my life. I am only able to get my head above water at this point. No different than anyone else these days, no?

      I've just returned from Mississippi where it seems being the poorest state in the Union in hard times isn't so bad.

      Tomorrow I will have to determine who loses their job as a result of lost contracts. It's not a happy time. It won't be for the next year I suppose.

      Mrs. Farkas and I are hanging out and hanging on. We've stocked up on food reserves. This weekend I'll be working hard to finish a desert vegetable garden. I've ordered a coach gun for Mrs. Farkas and a solar oven. It is what it is.

      I hope you and yours are fine. I have missed your posts on the forum. It is d*amn good to see you back.

    23. Tedminator
      Hey there Sparky. am back now! heh, looks like you on leave tho.
    24. Sparky Farkas
      Sparky Farkas
      LOL! Indeed it is. And it is an experienced female dog as well.
    25. formerroadie
      Is that dog commentating on McCain/Palin? ;).
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