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    1. Taxpayer
      Ah. I saw your post and didn't quite agree with. But I thought that by keeping the words mostly the same, but adjusting the punctuation I could change it into something I agreed more with and was responsive to your post. Might not have worked out the way I intended, but seemed like a fun thing to try.
    2. janpor
      Trieste, no? Well, I understand that you want to go to Vienna - probably because of the dubious relationship between Trieste and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I've never been to Vienna, and quite funny actually it's on my list to do this September with one of my friends if we find a cheap flight.

      Most Americans in Europe have an obsession to use the train to get along - but I think in your case it wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm not really famaliar with the area you are residing - but, obviously, I would recommend Croatia.
      Also, with Ryanair you can fly from Trieste to Brussels, London and Valencia!

      I don't know if you're travelling alone - because then I would say: go for Vienna. However, if you manage to get someone with you I would recommend Valencia. It's the new "it city" without frills. Marvelous! Very impressive sights, very nice beaches, a nice Spanish atmosphere,... But to be honest, if you need to choose one I would go for Vienna.
    3. RevAnarchist
      I was just driving by, I see by the post below that you are in Italy, mmm good pasta, good wine and beautiful women with even better tempers (making up is the very best part) ! Ha ha have fun! Hey I replied to your question in my profile~
    4. janpor
      TortoiseDream, you said numerous times that you're in Europe now (Italy, right?). Sorry, but what the hell are you doing on PForum then? You should be outside - isn't it good weather down there in Italy right now or something? I don't want to sound noisy - I just think it's a little bit strange...
    5. Roon
      I have a feeling I am going to need your help in the 2011 the year of pain thread. Keynesians are coming out of the wood work :(.
    6. cassandrabandra
      so its just blatant and unabashed idiocy then?

      wonder if they drive around with bumper stickers that say - I'm ignorant and an idiot - and Go(*)(*)(*)(*) proud of it! :)
    7. cassandrabandra
      well young tortoise, I guess if we think of this as a lesson in life, to develop our skills in remaining sane when coping with blatant and unabashed idiocy masquerading as ... well what is it masquerading as? .... then thats a good thing.

      You look like you'll pass any test with flying colours!
    8. cassandrabandra
      yep. its like that. intelligent and reasonable is no match against closed minded idiocy.

      I'll probably be banned soon - the strategies that are acceptable for one side are not acceptable for the other ... never mind. :)
    9. cassandrabandra
      I sincerely wish you good luck. when the other party has a lack of desire to engage in civil discussion, let alone reasoned debate, you need it!
    10. cassandrabandra
      re bombing Iran - you must be dreaming of you think you'll get an intelligent debate from a certain cabal of people here. I tried to push for intelligent debate on issues relating to the Islamic world for a few months, however unless you put half the posters on ignore, 75% of these threads are rubbish. A fair percent of the remaining posts are responses, which means threads disappear into sniping contests. My current strategy is aimed at discouraging Edwin to respond to my posts at all.:)
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