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Mar 27, 2024
    1. tresha
      You'd have to ask a Mod...
    2. tresha
      Um....where did the thread go?

      It's gone.
      I do apologize...heat of the moment got to me.
      Did you get a chance to see the post when I came back from "regrouping"?
    3. Inferno
    4. tresha
      You caught me off guard...thank you. Truly.
    5. submarinepainter
      Merry Christmas! to you and yours!!!
    6. Joe1991
      thought you could use some:

    7. Joe1991
    8. The Radiator
      The Radiator
      Hey, I've read some of your posts and you make alot of great points. I wonder if you'd like to drop by my forum (www.forum.butterville.net) and try to guide along discussions there. I am trying to develop a decent forum but nobody on there seems to care much. If you dropped by a started a few threads I would be really grateful. Thanks!
    9. Joe1991
    10. thepoliticalplace
      BLZ wanted me to ask you guys if you wanted to come to www.ThePoliticalPlace.com and participate in the dicussions there. I am also looking for forum leaders and moderators.
    11. Syfonic
      I was just messaging you because I realized that you were one of the top posters on this forum. You may be interested in starting your own forum for free at ForumSecure.com

      Your forum will get unlimited webspace and bandwidth (traffic). You will also have complete control over all aspects of your forum. No programming or web design knowledge is needed to start a forum here. It is all done for you.

      If you are interested but want more info feel free to contact Chase on the support forum for ForumSecure.

      Website: http://www.forumsecure.com
    12. Whaler17
      I agree. Thanks for th note. I get a little
      wound up sometimes but I mean no harm. Please don't take offense to my occasional over excited rantings!
    13. katiegrrl0
      Nice note. I have enjoyed some of your posts today though we don't agree it is nice to have a good debate.
    14. Whaler17
      Hi everyone,
      A little about me.
      I am a business manager, have a Masters degree from FSU, am a father of two beautiful daughters and have been married to the same wonderful woman for 23 years!
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    "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is. " - Not sure who

    "For those who don't know the difference, under capitalism the government works for you, under socialism/communism, YOU work for the government!" - Me:icon_jawdrop:

    "When the Electorate realizes they can vote themselves money from the Treasury, it will herald the end of the Republic." - Benjamin Franklin