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    1. Zo0tie
      The IP server used by Political Forum.com is copied to the last blowup of the CIA location, about 1.5 miles from CIA headquarters. Can you really say this is all a coincidence?
      Would there be any point in my assuring you that we are not?
      A simple denial would be much appreciated.
      Nobody should read this. It's just a bunch of incoherent rambling.
      I'm waiting for a reasonable explanation from one of the moderators. A simple "Yes it does look suspicious, but here's the reasonable explanation..." would be enough. If I get banned for this I'll know for sure.
      We are suspicious that this forum may be a front for covert activity. Monitoring the activities of private citizens and disseminating information to control political dialogue.
      I don't owe you an explanation, dear (and neither do the mods), but I'm flattered by the attention.
      This thread is now closed. This board is privately owned. It has no affiliation with any government agency.
      Check IP ADDRESS
      You Decide
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