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    1. webrockk
      A series of Obama bashing threads...of which I've seen none... or get off my page.
    2. webrockk
      More and more, I feel like I'm on an island.
      how'd your presser go?
    3. webrockk
      Ok...good luck with it
    4. webrockk
      Shoot me a link...you lead?
    5. webrockk
      I will.....this Obamacare crap has put everyone at each other's throats...hopefully the mods understand the "eruptions" are temporary, and will be a little more lenient...

      Which thread have you posited your questionable deed? (...or, are you just expecting to light someone's ass up in the next few minutes :) )
    6. webrockk
      Couple of glasses of wine, and Roo's all better? hope so.
      does my *seditious* new signature make any sense?
    7. webrockk
      You get new crap dropped in your lap last minute and you're sad you couldn't get him bond?...I'd be pissed (at him, the state..somebody)
      channel it...
    8. webrockk
      Rut roh....more depth to the charges?
    9. webrockk
      How'd it go? did your little birdy get set free?
      Survived the storm unscathed....awesome light show and some wind, but oddly, no rain...I was watching it on radar (weatherunderground) and the front parted like the Red Sea literally within a few miles of the house.
    10. webrockk
      I'm about 20 minutes away from getting pummeled by a dangerous storm....huge, fast moving front...lot of violent wind and lightning....at minimum, I'll prolly lose power again...worst case, tree and branch problems....my place is covered with them as you can imagine. keep your fingers crossed...
      and good luck with court tomorrow.
    11. webrockk
      Bond hearing? Chill, dear...you'll be fine.
    12. webrockk
      Ok. Ashton (McComb) died in Rhinebeck, NY, ironically....he may have been through their doors at some point.
    13. webrockk
      A treatment center like that....the free retreatment...sounds far more credible than the ones that "cure" you in 28 days....coincidently, when your insurance money runs out, or the state requirement is met. either way....the success rate rests completely with the addict being "sick and tired of being sick and tired" ...some do, some never do. A family friend ..Ashton, a 26 year old oxy/heroin ...anything junkie... was one who was so far gone and so wracked with self loathing nothing...jail, interventions, hundreds of thousands in treatment... helped. We lost him Christmas Eve last year.
      My son is still crushed. (hopefully, he'll acknowledge the destruction on a personal level, and limit his experimentation when the peer pressure sets in)
    14. webrockk
      as I said....money money money. Niether jail nor treatment work until the individual addict acknowledges a few things.... like 'yes, I've got some emotional problems that I'm self medicating, and I need to find out what they are, so I'm going to seek public or private counceling...or "Yes, it's me that's (*)(*)(*)(*)ing me up, not "them", etc, etc......the biggest problems I see (I actually councel a few hard case friends who reach out to me..one of them is one of my guitar playing lawyer buddies...he's a "regular" lol) is minimalizing, outright denial and projection.....until those issues are personally and seriously copped to, some family "intervention" or state compelled treatment is a waste of time and money....but once those issues are finally addressed, treatment can be very effective.
    15. webrockk
      The truth of the matter is, the unwilling/in-denial/hopeless addict cannot be "treated"...it really pisses me off when these private "treatment" centers are supported by the state "sentencing" someone to one. It's a little crony capitalist cottage "mill" industry that helps such a miniscule amount of people (because "getting caught" so rarely translates to "I've got a serious problem"), it's criminal...sort of like when the state sentences someone to privately owned "driving or DUI school") money money money
    16. webrockk
      I had a 32 y.o. guy...Ben...whose mother BEGGED me to hire and "counsel"....work for me for about a year. Great guy, really knew his (*)(*)(*)(*), and worked like a dog.......when he'd show up. I paid him well over the going rate, and gave him way more leeway than others (because his mother, a realtor, threw, and still throws my company work), relayed all my "wisdom" about addiction, and where he would be very soon...dead or in prison....to wit, he'd always say "I know, man...I've been clean for two weeks.." or some other such nonesense....well, he's in prison. B & E occupied, hit and run w/injuries, resisting...the works.
    17. webrockk
      Defending an in-denial or hopeless addict is guaranteed income....but, I guess it's soul wrenching to develop so many relationships like that, and watch them continue to self destruct no matter what you do
    18. webrockk
      Yea....I usually do. It builds up....
    19. webrockk
      It was laughed off "lol, ok"

      so I won't leave you, princess...safe for now
    20. webrockk
      JUNE 22 2012

      Charge 1
      STATUTE: 831.09
      BOND: 10000
      Charge 2
      STATUTE: 812.014.2e
      BOND: 500
    21. webrockk
      I knew of none of this...(except the one I sort of remember hearing about in Sept. 2004)
      still cant find the most recent charge..............I'm surprised...with all the "failure to appears"...they let her bond out....and I'm really surprised she hasn't done serious time yet.

      Who: Millie *** *******, 38, Ponte Vedra Beach. Charge: Issuing a worthless check. (SJCSO) March 2003

      Who: Millie *** ********, 40, Ponte Vedra Beach. Charge: Failure to appear (FTA) issuing a worthless check, obtaining property by worthless checks. (SJCSO) Sept. 2004

      Who: *******, Millie ***, 43, St. Augustine. Charge: Failure to appear -- issuing a worthless check. (SJCSO) Oct. 2007

      Who: ********, Millie *** , 43, St. Augustine. Charge: Uttering or issuing worthless checks. (SJCSO) Dec. 2007
    22. webrockk
      This was the thing I was thinking about...it's from Sept. 2004

      Who: Millie *** *********, 40, Ponte Vedra Beach. Charge: Failure to appear (FTA) issuing a worthless check, obtaining property by worthless checks. (SJCSO)

      I haven't found the recent thingy yet...I'll keep looking and paste it if I find it (hope this isn't boring you...this is the most excitement I've had around here in a while. lol)

      bail was $11K...a friend put up the $1100.
    23. webrockk
      Hard to tell if she was asked to come in....the PA move came up real sudden, though...not even a whisper about moving until 2 weeks ago...I asked her what she was going to do with the house (she owns outright), and she said she's boarding it up for a few months...she told me tonight she put it on the market for $195K (paid almost $300K).

      She's such a lying, manipulating *censored*, I never really know what the hell's going on over there....She's like the federal government, ffs ;)
      "over there" is St. Johns County, Fl...city of St. Augustine, BTW....I might look on their arrest records, and see if I can get the actual charges...or the local paper's website....they list arrests/charges, too
    24. webrockk
      Is there something known as "attempt to elude arrest"? she said when she answered the door, the officers told her why she was being arrested, and that the victim had basically said 'you better hurry up and get her, she's skipping town'.

      regardless, I think her goose is cooked...she "said" $100.00...but I heard a lie in that too.

      Thanks... yea...poor kid.
    25. webrockk
      She'd better plead out then....as I could read a lie in her claims of innocence...(not difficult with her).
      She also has something else on her record, I just can't remember exactly what it was for...but "bad check" keeps chiming in.
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