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    1. Polly Minx
      Polly Minx
      It's not gonna happen, I'm sorry to say. I just simply cannot get over to Boston in the near future. Occupy is no longer high on my priority list at this time. I have serious family crises on my hands that require my availability here in Burlington. Moreover, frankly, the extent of my zeal to build the Green Party in the first place was always minimal, considering that I'm an independent.

      I don't want you to get the wrong idea: I actually really appreciate your persistence in maintaining contact! It lets me know that there's someone (friendly) who hasn't forgotten about me. :) I think we can and should maintain contact as online friends. You seem pretty cool and smart! I think we could have some good exchanges of ideas. But I don't think I'm going to be a reliable party-builder, in all honesty. Sorry! :(
    2. jaktober
    3. Trinnity
      What in the world is a libertarian-progressive?
    4. Abu Sina
      Abu Sina
      There are no such people as chosen people. We are all Gods children. No one is more special.
      To be honest with you I doubt that many people really think there is any answer to this problem. That is why nowadays you have suicide bombers. When there is no hope then you get extremists. We in our region recognise only one thing now. When there is no hope of a solution, and the zionists are supported and armed by the USA, and the Saudis do nothing and actually split the Muslims, it gives a sense of hopelessness and that is a great tool to recruit fanatics. When I read the news and see what Perez is saying this week I know that they will not stop until they destroy our planet. It's like a mission they have to complete because it is pure insanity.
      The only thing that can help is for the US support to them to stop. Any sane person by now knows that but that is not going to happen and because of that hopelessness you will find that terrorism is just going to increase because these fanatics see no other way. Muslims are not scared of dying. None of us are. We do not fear it like you do. The only thing we fear is dying not following Gods orders and they are clear. These suicide fanatics do not represent Islam in any way. You should try to download a great series called The Life of Mohammed. That 3 part series will explain what a real muslim is and it is not someone who walks about in a niqab etc. It's a great series for people who don't know much about Islam and is done by the BBC. If you watch that you will learn the roots of the problem. Pay attention to the battles in Mecca and Medina and really listen to the story and it will explain so much of what is happening today. You can download the 3 parts here http://www.islamictorrents.net/details.php?id=21600
      Here is about the series http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012mkg5 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012rylw http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012xnfn

      The Muslims and Christians do not champion anyone as chosen. The problem is the Jews think they are. It's a huge problem.
    5. Jstar
      Hey Thanks! I'll spread it around :)
    6. The Judge
      The Judge
      Currently, I'm not at all involved with the US Pirate Party. I just joined the Swiss Pirate Party last month, but also vote for the Green Liberal Party. In the US, I usually voted for the Green Party, but in 2008 I voted independent. I like the Pirate party because of its emphasis on technology and would probably need more Green Party internet involvement to be more active in the US, or something which applies better to Americans abroad who are not attached to any location. Your Grassroots organization work looks pretty interesting.
    7. Abu Sina
      Abu Sina
      I just want to add something else.
      Your article is good but you are missing a vital element.
      Our region is very religious and pious and you must to be fair take that into consideration because if you dont it is meaningless. It needs a foundation and is not just about chopping up land into districts. That would never work.
      Christians, Jews and Muslims of this region are much more observant and pious than you would see in say the USA. To me it is not unusual at all to see a bus full of people stop nearing sunset on the highway and them get out to pray by the side of the road. That is the norm every day. But to you that would seem strange I expect but not to us nor to the Christians on that bus.
      One thing has to be understood. It is something that is constantly being corrupted by anti islamists. A muslim is a believer in one God so in our language Arabic both Christians and Jews are Muslims. Your language corrupts the meaning. Therefore when you talk of the Holy Land that means to an Arab speaker the place for all 3, we are all Muslims.
      That is why in our belief and Quran WE MUST!!! and are ordered to protect all Muslims and that means Jews and Christians. Under Salahedin he made sure that that rule was followed.
      Try to find out a bit more about the real Islam and dont use the usual sources found here nor think that the Wahabi Saudi has anything to do with Islam.
      It's a big mess and God help us all in finding a solution.
    8. Abu Sina
      Abu Sina
      There is only one solution. A one state solution. Other countries should stay out of the issue and because they dont it has become a catastrophe. There is no such thing as Chosen people and to even suggest that they are better than everyone else is very insulting. It will never be tolerated. The only solution is for a free and equal Palestine where everyone has the same rights. The same as happened throughout history where Jews and Muslims and Christians lived together. Foreign crusades in foreign land not their own brought wars where the people just lived in peace. Salahedin the Muslim leader showed the right way and even Richard the Lionheart admired and respected him.
      What we need is another Salahedin to free our lands and allow the 3 faiths equal rights and lives.
      There is another problem though that you are all now fianlly waking up to but which we have known for centuries. Jews are very difficult neighbours. They play one side off against the other. Throughout history they have never been trusted as they have many faces. That is the reason they have never truly been accepted no matter where they go in the world. I doubt they can change. When you think you are superior to others and that others are vermin and sub human and goyim as they call us the future seems bleak. The bible and Quran warns us of them. So far they have lived up to their reputation. You cannot negotiate with Israelis. They have to be brought under control. They need to feel powerless for them to concede to anything. The problem is the USA gives them so much power and it is actually against US interests. But the good thing is the world is waking up. Slowly....
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