88 Christians captured by ISIS in Libya, likely executed

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    A caravan of migrant refugees from Eritrea who were trying to reach Europe was stopped in Libya by a jihadist rebel group affiliated with ISIS. The kidnapping took place just south of Tripoli, Libya's largest city. The prisoners were filmed being forced to march on the North African coast. This is on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea from Italy!


    The people in the caravan were quizzed on the Koran to see which of them were not Muslims. The Muslims in the caravan were allowed to go. The Christians were taken prisoner at gunpoint.

    The same group previously had released videos showing mass beheadings of Ethiopian and Coptic Christians who had been taken prisoner.

    These are the "good" migrants people! They actually had good reason to try to flee from their homes! They just weren't able to make it out of the African Middle East region alive!
    It appears Libya is in chaos and evil radical murderous muslims are running amok on Europe's doorstep.

    above picture: ISIS in Libya previously executed 21 Coptic Christians
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    It makes no sense that they would try for Europe from Eritrea and go through Libya when it would have been better to make for Jordon. Either way, if they are capable of fleeing that far, then they are capable of staying and fighting for themselves and their communities. They chose not to. I have no desire for Americans to die in their place while they run from what should be their own fight. Their religion is irrelevant.

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