" a bystander president "

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    cautioned Pat Buchanan { former presidential adviser } who worked in the
    Nixon White House. Adding ... " Well you know, what a tangled web we
    weave when first we practice to deceive ".I don't think Buchanan was
    referring to Lincoln yesterday on his 150th anniversary of the great
    and unforgettable Gettysburg Address.He's talking about Barack Obama,who
    won't be at Gettysburg today as one would have expected.
    Then again ... Obama talks a big game.But his words aren't as simple and
    true and uncomplicatedly American as were Lincoln's, where all but 70
    some percent where one syllable in that Great Address.Probably explains why
    Obama is in a pickle with his signature bill { Affordable Care act }.
    " It is his legacy.It is what he wants to leave for the country,what he wants
    to be remembered by.I think what you have got here -- again,the president
    says one thing and then he moves it one direction and then another. "
    Not very Lincolnesque.
    Therein again ... neither were most of his 2008 campaign pledges.
    That his would be THE most Transparent Adm. in history.
    That he would cut the deficit in half.
    No more business as usual in Washington.
    Lobbyists would not be allowed in his White House.
    Promised a new tone in Washington as if his 2004 keynote address
    at the DNC where he simply said :
    " Well I say to them tonight,there is not a liberal America and a
    conservative America -- there is the United States of America.
    There is not a black America and a white America and Latino
    America and Asian America -- there's the United States of America. "
    How easily and quickly a president could forget.Or did Obama forget.?
    Didn't sound like a bystander back then.
    - That Was Then,This Is Now - { 1985 } Where 2 juvenile delinquents
    find themselves growing apart, for one is growing up and the other
    is staying young and reckless.
    Our Country is growing apart as Obama enters a new juvenile stage of

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