A Good World Order Is Threatened With Fire & Germany & South Korea Fiddles!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Apr 15, 2022.

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    Germany and South Korea as countries in regards to their obligations to the family of nations are free-loaders, they help themselves with greed and gluttony to the riches the world offers in its free trade policies but don't fulfill their obligations. Both these countries are big exporting nations where they acquire great prosperity for their people selling into the world's open markets, but do you see them stepping up to defend freedom and international law and the prosperous open markets these ideals create threatened by Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine? No, these free-loading selfish countries are not doing what is right by Ukraine which is incurring an unprovoked, unjust war at the hands of Russia. Ukraine desperately needs heavy weapons from these two countries.

    This is the situation with Russia's invasion of Ukraine you can go through all the factors the experts comment on about will Russia succeed in conquering Ukraine's east and south and all those factors could go in Russia's favor or all these factors could go in Ukraine's favor it doesn't matter Ukraine doesn't win the war unless it gets heavy weapons. It doesn't mean the Free World needs to build Ukraine into a super power what it means is Ukraine unequivocally needs the enough conventional heavy weapons to counter Russia's enormous conventional firepower. This is the variable, the Free-World needs to give Ukraine enough tanks. armored personnel carriers and artillery guns to enable Ukraine to subvert the lethal power of Russia's firepower, Ukraine cannot win the war with dedicated soldiers no matter how admirable in character they need these conventional heavy weapons the issue is this simple!

    The country of Germany makes one sick to their stomach how so many German people spout off about how war and the accumulation of weapons is not the answer for the world; o you Germans how wonderful you are, how virtuous you are, I really hope you are so happy with yourselves and your high ideals. Tell me though how do you find peace of mind with Russian atrocities being committed in Ukraine with you as a country that has joined the world order and thereby having a moral obligation to help another country defend itself against barbaric aggression. Many of you Germans with your vision of Russia part of the European family and Russia's energy wealth providing a great spring of prosperity for the European Union and helping it become an economic axis for the world to counter the axis of the U.S. and the axis of China how lucky are the people of Europe to have a country like Germany with its visionary leadership. Though tell me you Germans how do you find peace of mind with the ongoing barbaric behavior of the Russian military doing things like going into Ukrainian homes and taking prisoner Ukrainian fathers to be used for leverage in prisoner exchanges and shooting those that don't cooperate or Russian units going into Ukrainian communities and rounding up young Ukrainian women and using them to provide pleasure to their fighters and in the process wounding these Ukrainian women for life; do you Germans really think your behavior is morally defensible! Ordinary people throughout the world will not forget, this globalization economic model for the world needs to be changed because it rewards selfish countries like Germany and South Korea they richly prosper from this economic model and they don't deserve it they only think of themselves they come up woefully short in fulfilling their duty to other countries!

    These countries are really slick they put up a good show but in substance they offer no real help to Ukraine. The Germans talk about a "Zeitenwende", an epochal change in policy, that now they will provide weapons to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the only strategic shift the world sees in regard to German policy is that of a "rhetoric" shift. South Korea sends a shipment of food and medicine to Ukraine and expects a pat on the back that they are a good country. South Koreans should answer the following questions true or false, if Russia ultimately succeeds in controlling the entirety of Ukraine (it doesn't have to be a province of Russia, a Kremlin controlled puppet government in Kyiv will do) don't you think that will embolden President Xi to invade Taiwan? and after he takes Taiwan don't you think he would love to have North Korea take over South Korea and remove the threat of a successful prosperous democratic country close to his border infecting his people with subversive Western values; don't you think the American people could legitimately ask the question of themselves of why should America sacrifice thousands of her sons and daughters lives and hundreds of billions of dollars saving a democratic South Korea from such a threat when the South Korean people don't really give a damn and haven't really lifted a finger coming to the defense of our ally, the democratic country of Ukraine when faced with their destruction at the hands of Russia?

    German weapon manufacturer, Rheinmetall, has "one-hundred" old Marder tanks in a storage yard, it has been reported that the company could have twenty of them refurbished in eight weeks and another fifty refurbished within six months. The Marder tank is a light tank but fast, an important note is that Germany is replacing this tank with a more advanced tank, the "Puma" tank. Currently, Germany has three hundred and seventy operable Marder tanks, again tanks slated for replacement. At minimum with no real harm to Germany, Germany could immediately make two dozen of its current fleet of Marders available to the Ukrainian Army and immediately cut a contract with Rheinmetall for the one-hundred old Marders. It will likely take at least a month to train two dozen Ukrainian tank crews to operate the available Marder tanks and transport these tanks to the war zone in Ukraine and once there the trained Ukrainian tank crews could train other Ukrainian tank crews how to use the Marder tank and by that time refurbished Marder tanks should be arriving in Ukraine and because by mid-May the battle for eastern Ukraine will have commenced and it will definitely be of apocalyptic ferocity, Ukrainian tank crews will be available to man the refurbished Marders because these crews current Ukrainian tanks will have been destroyed in the battle. Further, the country of Germany should immediately cut a contract with Rheinmentall to refurbish fifty used Leopard One tanks and the thirty-five Marder infantry fighting vehicles it has in its storage yards, it has been reported that Rheinmetall could deliver the Leopard tanks in six weeks. If the country of Germany cuts these contracts the U.S. State Department should contact U.S. heavy weapon manufacturers and see if they could provide manufacturing capacity to Rheinmentall on these refurbishment of old weapons contracts and if the U.S. manufacturers can help the offer should be extended to the German foreign ministry because with air delivery Rheinmetall could get parts in their technicians hands within twenty-four hours of being manufactured in these American plants.
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    As a German, I would like to reply to your thread now, because you write quite a lot of nonsense!
    First of all, we Germans are repeatedly accused of our Nazi past as soon as we Germans represent our own opinions and interests, and that sucks! We are a sovereign country and we have our own interests and perspectives... and these need not coincide with those of others! And above all, we definitely don't have to submit to other opinions!

    Then it is a fact that we Germans were more than thoroughly exorcised of all militarism on May 8, 1945 ... and who was it again who wanted it that way, eh?
    For the majority of the population, the German armed forces are a necessary evil not to be proud of...although since the Russian attack, things have gotten much better. But you will never experience public military parades and anything like that in Germany!
    However, it is astonishing that the political party with slogans like "make peace without weapons" and all the like has turned 180° here!
    Yes, Germany has made mistakes in the past... Mistakes that I, as a former first sergeant, have also massively criticized, especially as far as our armed forces are concerned. But that is now being tackled with a defense budget that puts us at number 3 in military spend in the world! Whether the money will be used wisely remains to be seen ... but I have my doubts if you want to buy the crap like the F-35. Why crap? Because it is about a successor to the Tornado and the tasks cannot be fulfilled by the F-35 as a single seater and with the ridiculous 4 internal weapon bays! Example? The NATO Commitment to Nuclear Sharing: In Buechel Germany the USAF stores nuclear weapons to be packed under German "Tornados" with German pilots at war.... Problem: These nuclear weapons do not fit into the internal weapons bays of the F-35!

    And since it's always a topic... North Stream 1 and 2! Was that a mistake? No and yes ...
    Yes, because the previous federal government failed to take care of alternative procurement and infrastructure in good time.
    No, because North Stream 1 and 2 were launched at a time when Russia was not again the "evil empire", on the contrary! And when you build bridges like that, it's never a mistake.
    And that Russia is evil again, sorry ... the West, with the USA at the helm, is very much to blame for its behavior and measures against Russia when it was not threatening anything or anyone! Example? The anti-missile screen that Bush Jr. installed in Eastern Europe and which is said to be against the evil Iranian and North Korean missiles. Everyone knew that this was a brazen lie, because they were directed at Russia. But what evil has Russia done at the time that this umbrella needs to be set up? Nothing...absolutely nothing!

    So ... and now we come to this poisonous dwarf Melnyk ... the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany and the unacceptable and malicious behavior of Ukraine towards Germany!
    Any criticism of Ukraine over North Stream 1 and 2 is not only unfounded, no...I say "shut up Ukraine!"
    The German federal government is committed to the German people and their interests and well-being. Only then come the EU and NATO ... and then others like Ukraine! North Stream 1 and 2 were in Germany's interest and were completed when Russia wasn't evil...AND...when the Ukrainian government at the time was really cuddling with Putin!
    To accuse Germany and its responsible politicians of malice here is disgusting behavior ... and to describe our head of state's trip to you as undesirable is outrageous!
    There's a saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!" ... we can also completely stop our help for you when you bite us!

    And now we come to the Leopard 1 Battle tanks and "Marder" (Marten) AFV!

    The Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) has not the Leopard 1 in its inventory for 20 years, only industry - Rheinmetall, the manufacturer - has 50 pieces. Apart from Greece and Turkey, nobody in Europe and NATO uses the Leopard 1 anymore, but only South American countries such as Brazil, Chile and Peru.
    All Leopard 1s are completely retired at us and the Bundeswehr only uses the Leopard 2A6, A6M and A7... and the Bundeswehr cannot give away just one of them!

    I don't know why Rheinmetall still has 50 Leopard 1s. I suspect a modernization and / or planned resale to whomever. BUT ... where should the ammunition for the Leopard come from? The Leopard 1 has a rifled 105mm cannon, the same as in the American M60A3, which the US didn't have for a long time either!
    So ... where is the necessary ammunition stored in sufficient quantity for the Leopard 1 tanks please?

    The "Marder" ... the Bundeswehr cannot give any "Marderer" to Ukraine, even if various trolls and idiots from politicians and alleged experts in the media claim otherwise! The "Marder" is gradually being replaced in the Bundeswehr by the new AFV, the "Puma", but until all "Marder" have been replaced by the "Puma", the Bundeswehr needs its own "Marder" including these 100 for training etc. - POINT AND EXIT SIGN!!!
    Rheinmetall may have 100 "Marders" outside of the Bundeswehr. These can of course be delivered to Ukraine!

    No heavy weapons can be delivered to the Ukraine from the stocks of the Bundeswehr, because the Bundeswehr can no longer hand over anything that it does not need itself - that is a fact! Any ex-Soviet things from the GDR army like T-72, BMP 2 AFV etc. Germany hasn't had for a long time.
    It is therefore planned and thought that Germany will pay Rheinmetall for the 50 Leoprard 1 and the 100 Marder and these will then go to the Ukraine "free of charge". And what is there to criticize? Nothing!

    But these tanks are useless without ammunition (especially in the case of the Leopard 1, the question of where the ammunition should come from), Ukrainian soldiers have to be trained on both tanks, which takes at least 3 months in a crash course!
    But then we also have the question of logistics with regard to spare parts and supplies, including the necessary armored recovery vehicle!
    Have you and has anyone thught about that point at all? What is when the motor of a Leopard1 or Marder has a breakdown or the tracks are destroyed, eh?
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    An update here ...

    Germany will now deliver 50 "Gepard" (Cheetah) anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine. This tank was phased out by the Bundeswehr in Germany around 10 years ago ... which, by the way, I still don't understand to this day, since there was no successor!
    These 50 "cheetahs" are in storage at one of the manufacturers and have yet to be overhauled, after all they have been in storage for 10 years.

    The "Gepard" is based on the Leopard 1 main battle tank, whose turret has been replaced by the one used for the Gepard with two 35 mm Oerlikon / Rheinmetall rapid-fire cannons and a dual radar system.
    It is still absolutely deadly for any attack helicopter including the American Apache and thus also against all Russian attack helicopters.

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